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On the other hand, it's OK to be single... agree???

CessamaruCessamaru PEx Rookie ⭐
Every time we see a pair or a couple, we can't help but to ask ourselves " I look better than her but how come I'm still SINGLE?? :confusing: Life is soooo unfair !!!!! But that was only in my early 20's...

I had a 4 yr relationship with a good man, 1 yr with an " easy go lucky man" and 2 yrs with a bipolar like ( but he's damn cute!). Of course, the last one made a red mark..

Our first year was like a roller coaster and then the next was like a space shuttle ( just like the one in Enchanted Kingdom)..:argue:

I remember when we were supposed to meet at the mall. I was late for 30 minutes because i decided to buy some fries at the fancy food chain and the line was super long ( of course! ) and it's very timely that i forgot my phone at home.

Then we met, and to my surprise, he was so so :grrr: and we broke up.just like that..I'm sure there
was no third party. I can bet. I guess he was just a freak. btw, that was the nth time, I have no plans of narrating all the dramas..:shedtears:

So now that I'm 29, and whenever I get alone and see sweet couples, my emotions are getting less..Far when i was at my 20's. Because i realized that I had my time, it was remarkable but it was painful too.. :bawl: And i don't want to be in that position anymore.. I don't want to cry again while eating fries.. that was stupid!!!:blushing:

Of course i don't want to be an old maid .. But what i'm saying is, it doesn't make sense to feel bad just because you're single. Duh, we got a lot of them too out there!! Let's just wait, and you'll see.. For the meantime, just enjoy..Life is still fair... :winker:


Thanks for reading.. these are just my two cents about singleness.. Please share your thoughts or story too.. Why being single is not that bad at all...:glee:


  • arowenarowen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Naman. Mas masarap tumikim nalang ng fries. :p
  • CessamaruCessamaru PEx Rookie ⭐
    arowen wrote: »
    Naman. Mas masarap tumikim nalang ng fries. :p

    Hay naku, sinabi mo pa... :lol:
  • hardrivehardrive PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Pero mas masarap kumain pag may kasama
  • amicivanceamicivance PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hardrive wrote: »
    Pero mas masarap kumain pag may kasama

    We are not meant to live alone. The real problem is, we think of ourselves that we are right partner but we end up falling on wrong person.

    Life is unfair, that is true.

    Life is fair, that is the biggest lie I ever heard and ever know.
  • Siguro may mga bagay nga na kahit anung gawin natin ganun na talaga sya. Malas mo lang kung ganun ang gusto mong mangyare kung sasakyan mo nalang imbes na baguhin.
  • CessamaruCessamaru PEx Rookie ⭐
    dhie221 wrote: »
    Siguro may mga bagay nga na kahit anung gawin natin ganun na talaga sya. Malas mo lang kung ganun ang gusto mong mangyare kung sasakyan mo nalang imbes na baguhin.


    Hello dhie... :bashful:
  • amicivanceamicivance PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    We need to maximize our time being single... it's our preparation for our marriage life.
    Maybe we should stop the drama and lamenting that we are single instead be responsible on what we have right now as a single person.

    Many people are decieve in their thinking that probably if they will have a relationship, or be married, they will be happy in life... but the truth, it is not because relationships for them is just only a temporary solution for the emptiness they always feel, for the need that they even don't know.

    People will not change just because they are married or in a relationship and it's not a good motive to change for the other person.. the truth is, all of us should change for the better for ourselves.... and marriage is not about filling your own needs.

    you should vow to serve each other and be selfless...

    We are in the world that we want to reap but never sow...

    Btw, please read this article for all singles out there....


    Four Trends and Truth about Marriage.

    God bless fellows
  • It boils down in looking for the one that will be compatible with your life goals. For now, I am happy being single and be able to date and know different women out there. But don't be mistaken, I want to settle down someday but the time is not yet ripe. Besides, mas masarap ang pagkain ng fries pag solo lang. Cravings satisfied! haha
  • hardrivehardrive PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sus hindi ako masaya na single
    Kaso lahat **** ng nagogustohan ko sila naman umaayaw :lol:
    Kong puwede lang bilhin eh bumili na ako noon pa :lol:
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