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[CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER][highlight]KAPUSO Thread Line-up 2003/2004/2005[/highlight]


[highlight]1 & 2.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange : Let's Volt In! by justin690
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 164,941 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 2,962,297 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] whyte [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 3,2003-February 11,2005

[highlight]3.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange : Let's Volt In! (III) by tartarman
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,127 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 92,128 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] diesel_kid [highlight]Date[/highlight] February 9-18,2005

[highlight]4.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange : Let's Volt In! (Part IV) by kapuso4ever
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,423 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 86,099 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] whyte [highlight]Date[/highlight] February 17-27,2005

[highlight]5.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange : Let's Volt In! (Part V) by happyjam2380
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,365 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 80,182 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] letskie [highlight]Date[/highlight] February 23 - March 7,2005

[highlight]6.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange : Let's Volt In! (Part VI) by jpmarkcarlo
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,063 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 85,110 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] letskie [highlight]Date[/highlight] March 4-16,2005

[highlight]7.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange : Let's Volt SEVEN! (VII) by bhobot
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,006 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 79,054 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] whyte [highlight]Date[/highlight] March 14-29,2005

[highlight]8.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE: Let's Volt EIGHT! by letskie
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,226 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 88,903 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] March 24 - April 16,2005

[highlight]9.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE: Lets NINE9 Volts by whyte
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,032 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 89,334 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] whyte [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 5-25,2005

[highlight]10.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE: Let's Volt TttteeeeeEEEEEENnnn!(10) by bobby_861
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5.184 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 89,478 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] whyte [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 13 - May 15,2005

[highlight]11.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE: Seven (11) by kapuso4ever
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,132 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 92,036 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 20 - May 25,2005

[highlight]12.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE: Twelve, Labingdalawa, Doce, 12 by male22maroon
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,084 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 88,632 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] polabola [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 18 - June 27,2005

[highlight]13.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE: 13 Going On Number One! by appletbouy
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,023 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 108,364 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 28-June 20,2005

[highlight]14.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE ~ 14, Going Steady... at No. 1 !!!!! by jam888
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,011 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 92,793 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] June 9 - July 4,2005

[highlight]15.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE: No. 1 at 15!!! by kapuso4ever
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,039 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 106,497 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] June 26 - July 18,2005

[highlight]16.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE: Sweet 16...Going on 17!!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,051 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 101,926 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm2398 [highlight]Date[/highlight] July 14 - August 3,2005

[highlight]17.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO EXCHANGE 17: Panalo, Positibo, Numero-uno!!! by jaybeecc
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,021 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 92,630 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 2-22,2005

[highlight]18.[/highlight] Gma Kapuso Exchange 18: Sweet Smell Of Success!!! by benjam1n
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,036 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 110,156 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 21-September 7,2005

[highlight]19.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange 19: 55 Years na Tayo, no.1 sa RATINGS at PROFITS!!! by jpmarkcarlo
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,036 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 90,336 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sugarplumfairy [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 3 1- September 21,2005

[highlight]20.[/highlight] GMA7 Kapuso PExchange 55 Years na Tayo:Simple lang pero may Dating! by whyte
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,027 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 91,143 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] tartarman [highlight]Date[/highlight] September 19 - October 4,2005

[highlight]21.[/highlight] GMA 21st Thread @ 55!!!:Ang No.1 TV Network,hindi Lugi,Hindi Mag Reretrench. by sweet^revenge
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,030 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 83.197 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] tartarman [highlight]Date[/highlight] September 29 - October 14,2005

[highlight]22.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange: No Ebs... No butts!...The This Is It thread!!! by bhobot
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,031 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 85,255 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sugarplumfairy [highlight]Date[/highlight] October 12-25,2005

[highlight]23.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange: Impechayble and Unputdownyetable…The “fabulous PRICES” thread!!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,070 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 106,489 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jaybeecc [highlight]Date[/highlight] October 22- November 7,2005

[highlight]24.[/highlight] GMAKapusoExchange:20-32-19-28-21-8-18-28-26-11-26-8-15-8-16-20-9-8-23-27-8-28-21-8-22 by whyte
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,065 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 96,445 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] tartarman [highlight]Date[/highlight] November 4-29,2005

[highlight]25.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange: Ang pinaka-TARUSH na thread sa buong PEX World! Walang pa-CUTE! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,009 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 103,803 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] whyte [highlight]Date[/highlight] November 19 - December 16,2005

[highlight]26.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange: ENDING 2005 STRONG and STARTING 2006 STRONGER by male22maroon
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,013 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 102,334 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sugarplumfairy [highlight]Date[/highlight] December 12 - January 30,2006


[highlight]KAPUSO Thread Line-up 2006[/highlight]


[highlight]27.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange 2006: Proud to be Kapusong Pinoy! Proud to be Number One! by appletbouy
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,050 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 99,964 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] whyte [highlight]Date[/highlight] January 26 - March 4,2006

[highlight]28.[/highlight] GMA Pexchange Thread:Buhay na Buhay ang Summer ng Kapuso!!!! by sweet^revenge
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,018 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 90,551 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] February 27- March 27,2006

[highlight]29.[/highlight] GMA Pexchange Thread: Shining, Shimmering, Splendid...Oh so Majikal!! Still KILLING!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,003 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 87,076 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sweet^revenge [highlight]Date[/highlight] March 26 - April 16,2006

[highlight]30.[/highlight] GMA PExchange Thread:Umuulan ng Ligaya,Umiinit ang Pagmamahalan,Ngayong Tag Init! by sweet^revenge
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,012 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 89,801 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] -=+cZaRiNa+=- [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 16 - May 3,2006

[highlight]31.[/highlight] <<~GMA Ka¢¾ PExchange Thread: I LUV the MAJIK of the CONDOR HEROES in the PALACE!~>> by -=+cZaRiNa+=-
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,045 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 85,211 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] -=+cZaRiNa+=- [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 1-18,2006

[highlight]32.[/highlight] The Ka Puso CODE:20-32-19-28-21-8-18-28-26-11-26-8-15-8-16-20-9-8-23-27-8-28-21-8-22 by whyte
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,021 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 87,839 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] -=+cZaRiNa+=- [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 17 - June 5,2006

[highlight]33.[/highlight] GMA Pexchange: Hi! Hello! Wave! Musta! Bye! Tara Karera Tayo! Bilis! [merged] by solidkapamilya
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,066 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 76,794 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] June 2-14,2006

[highlight]34.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange: MAALAALA MO KAYA ANG "SO YOUNG SO FRESH" RATINGS MAGPAKAILANMAN? by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,011 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 80,516 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] June 13-25,2006

[highlight]35.[/highlight] [email protected] PEXCHANGE: Dis thread of OURs r lovingly ur's DDKtion to KAHPOWSOW J-LO... by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,011 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 86,913 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] June 22 - July 6,2006

[highlight]36.[/highlight] [email protected] PEXCHANGE: MANO-A-MANO sa CALIBRATED RATINGS.. TAAS NOO, BANDILA NAMIN PANALO! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,023 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 82,155 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] July 5-21,2006

[highlight]37.[/highlight] GMA PExchange:Wi r Insicured of Taga Saudi Showes By October Next Year,Tagoz Iznt it? by imbestigador007
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,027 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 82,503 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] July 20 - August 10,2006

[highlight]38.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Exchange:Sa Pilipinas, sa ME, sa Europe, sa Africa, sa Amerika.NANGUNGUNA! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,016 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 80,330 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 10-23,2006

[highlight]39.[/highlight] GMA PEXchange: KAPUSO, Pangako Sa 'Yo...Saan Man sa Mundo, NUMERO UNO from A-Z!!!!!! by El_Mestizo
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,042 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 84,816 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 8 - September 13,2006

[highlight]40.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Home:Ang MAID SA SPAIN,CRAZY na sa pagdating ng ATLANTIKA at ni BAKEKANG! by -=+cZaRiNa+=-
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,067 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 79,876 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] September 7-27,2006

[highlight]41.[/highlight] GMA Kahpowsow PExchange:R U Ready 4 October's Insicured Showes? by imbestigador007
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,026 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 79,216 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] whyte [highlight]Date[/highlight] September 26 - October 21,2006

[highlight]42.[/highlight] Gma Kapuso Exchange: Hindi Maarte, Hindi Nag-iinarte, Resign Kung Resign!!! by brown-fox
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,012 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 91,971 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] ireneo [highlight]Date[/highlight] October 15 - November 6,2006

[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,022 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 102,714 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] November 5-27,2006

[highlight]44.[/highlight] GMAKapusoExchange:ITS OFFICIAL"ServingMILLIONS,Earning BILLIONS"(weRATE!weEARN!) by whyte
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,009 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 78,637 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] November 23 - December 7,2006

[highlight]45.[/highlight] GMAKapusoPEXchange:The TIWAS-free Thread.Panalo pa rin sa RATINGS, PROFITS & "LOOKS"! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,003 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 95,509 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] bhobot [highlight]Date[/highlight] December 6-26,2006

[highlight]46.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso:Merry ang Christmas,Happy ang New Year Dahil No.1 Kami! 2007,Here We Go!!! by imbestigador007
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,010 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 98,042 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] ireneo [highlight]Date[/highlight] December 25,2006 - January 22,2007


[highlight]KAPUSO Thread Line-up 2007[/highlight]


[highlight]47.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PExchange: Walang bago. Luhaan pa din ang kalaban ngayong 2007. Wawawee!!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 4,999 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 112,323 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] January 22 - February 18, 2007

[highlight]48.[/highlight] GMAKapusoExchange: Mabuti pa ang SAGING may PUSO, ang mga KAPAL .... WALA!!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,011 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 97,325 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] February 17 - March 19,2007

[highlight]49.[/highlight] GMAKapusoExchange:IKINANGANGARAL!Sa PROFITS,RATINGS,BIRITAN,THREAD TITLE,Di SEMPLANG! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,009 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 107,524 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] March 18 - April 17,2007

[highlight]50.[/highlight] GMAKapusoPEXchange:Ang MEGA, bilyun-bilyong PISO...ang NUTANG, barya-barya.SAN KA PA? by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,021 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 115,017 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 17- May 16,2007

[highlight]51.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXCHANGE: Where's your NUTAM now? Who's your UUTANGAN then? Intertained!? by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,018 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 102,382 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 15 - June 2, 2007

[highlight]52.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXCHANGE:NUTAM parang ROUNIN! Pang-trailer lang!Olats sa bayaw ni YILMAZ! by J. Lo
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,078 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 106,370 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sugarplumfairy [highlight]Date[/highlight] June 2-28, 2007

[highlight]53.[/highlight] Gma Kapuso Pexchange: *57 Years* Kapuso Anumang Hamon At Tagumpay Ng Buhay by tonie_mau
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,026 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 114,792 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] June 28 - July 22, 2007

[highlight]54.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PExchange: Mas may gaganda pa ba sa PANALO sa KITA at RATINGS? bwahahahaha by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,014 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 108,891 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] July 19 - August 5, 2007

[highlight]55.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PExchange:Mabali man ang pakpak ng Anghel...WENO NGAYON??? MARIMAR AWWW!!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,002 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 122,719 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sugarplumfairy [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 5-23,2007

[highlight]56.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso PEXchange: Kapuso ng Pamilyang Filipino, Anumang Kulay ng Buhay! AWWWWWW! by blazing_angel
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,011 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 125,797 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sugarplumfairy [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 23 - September 14,2007

[highlight]57.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso PEXchange:1, chew, 3..EXPLAIN BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN!Kami STARZAN,Kayo CHEAT! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,039 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 134,608 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sugarplumfairy [highlight]Date[/highlight] September 13 - October 16,2007

[highlight]58.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Pexchange: OVERLOADED na panalo't kita.OVERLOADED na saya, san ka pa? Aww! by pauso
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,014 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 113,511 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] brown-fox [highlight]Date[/highlight] October 13-30,2007

[highlight]59.[/highlight] Reload this Page GMA Kapuso PExchange: Inyo ang NUTAM. Sa amin ang ADVERTISERS! Kagat labi na! AWWW!!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,011 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 125,761 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] sugarplumfairy [highlight]Date[/highlight] October 30 - November 19,2007

[highlight]60.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso Pexchange: Ayoko ng mabaho! Ayoko ng teaser fever lang! Yes. Yes. Aww! by bhobot
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,036 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 139,728 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] bhobot [highlight]Date[/highlight] November 18 - December 19,2007

[highlight]61.[/highlight] GMA PExchange Thread: "thread title on T.R.O" by imbestigador007
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,012 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 125,418 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] bhobot [highlight]Date[/highlight] December 19, 2007 - January 17,2008


[highlight]KAPUSO Thread Line-up 2008[/highlight]


[highlight]62.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PExchange: Di ka mag-iisa sa 2008! Ang iba, naka-(tatlo) APAT na (pala)! by bhobot
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,010 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 114,943 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] bhobot [highlight]Date[/highlight] January 17 - February 7,2008

[highlight]63.[/highlight] GMA "PROUD 2B KAPUSO" PEXCHANGE: Di pa loss, Di pa lobog kung furo ratings ang usapan by whyte
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,006 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 110,156 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] February 7-26,2008

[highlight]64.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSOfied PEXCHANGE: "Party pipol!!!! Everybody say Ho Ho!!! Ho Ho!!! Ho Ho!!!" by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,051 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 124,835 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] bhobot [highlight]Date[/highlight] February 26 - March 11,2008

[highlight]65.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXCHANGE: Walang Pikyuran, walang trayduran, walang turuan, EB na tayo!!! by Picture.2008
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,014 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 126,799 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] March 10-23,2008

[highlight]66.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXCHANGE: Di na makabangon ang iba dahil durug-durog, lubog at palost na! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,010 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 138,664 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] March 23 - April 21,2008

[highlight]67.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PINOY IDOL PEXCHANGE:Bahay ni IDOL, ni SURVIVOR, ni DYESEBEL. MAGDUSA KA! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,020 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 115,649 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 9-21,2008

[highlight]68.[/highlight] GMA 100 Kapuso Thread: NUNAL is an Island! Thank you, Sors! You made us PROUD!!! by bhobot
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,031 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 137,731 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] xandrite [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 20-30,2008

[highlight]69.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso PEX101:Di matinag kahit isabotahe!Hits MILLENNIUM mark even wid brown out by pauso
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,041 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 134,289 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 30 - May 24,2008

[highlight]70.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEX 123: Ang thread ng PINAKA-MATATALINO. SUCH IS LIFE. NO ARGUMENTING... by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,162 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 121,617 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 11-21,2008

[highlight]71.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEX 10,000 BC: PUTTING THE APLUWENT COMPETITOR IN VEIN! Obviously daw o! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 6,339 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 150,492 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jennyloveabel [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 21 - June 4,2008

[highlight]72.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXCHANGE 103: Kapuso, 58 years na tayo! by sirloin_steak
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,091 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 145,975 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 31 - July 13,2008

[highlight]73.[/highlight] Gma Kapuso Pex 14344: Home Of The Best Comedy Sitcoms. No More Wandering. Cinema!!!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 6,238 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 182,530 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 31 - August 18,2008

[highlight]74.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PExchange: Hindi PALaOS. Hindi PaLOBOg. Walang FUNGi. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 8,036 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 240,209 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] August 15 - October 8,2008

[highlight]75.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange:GMA pa rin ang nangungunang Pinoy Station, Noon, Ngayon at Bukas by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,058 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 137,208 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] October 8-28,2008

[highlight]76.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange:Experience Love.Experience Triumph.Now & Beyond.Experience GMA. by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5.032 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 154,734 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] October 27 - November 21,2008

[highlight]77.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange: Hindi ka madaDIET sa Profits, Ratings at Awards. Welcome DIET!! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,105 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 178,233 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] November 20 - January 15,2009


[highlight]KAPUSO Thread Line-up 2009[/highlight]


[highlight]78.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange 2009: Another New Year of True Service and Great Entertainment! by sirloin_steak
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,151 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 166,227 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] January 8 - February 20,2009

[highlight]79.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEX AGB TNS:Advertisers.GMA.Bayan.Tunay Na Samahan. WALANG IWANAN. SUSYAL! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 7,016 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 214,086 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm2398 [highlight]Date[/highlight] February 18 - March 24,2009

[highlight]80.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange: Welcome HOME Kapuso! Welcome HOME Pacquiao! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,358 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 145,093 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] March 24 - April 13,2009

[highlight]81.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange:EVERY BODY LISTEN. Mga bagong pakulo, handog ng Kapuso! EXITING! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,270 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 126,739 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 8-25,2009

[highlight]82.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange:UNKOWN Fans!We doesn't need to fully charge.Comming Soon, DARNA! by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,184 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 129,061 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] red_horse11482 [highlight]Date[/highlight] April 24 - May 8,2009

[highlight]83.[/highlight] GMA Kapuso PExchange: Home of the Top-Rating SHOWES... See? You Know... by red_horse11482
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,592 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 160,353 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] red_horse11482 [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 8-31,2009

[highlight]84.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange: All-New, All For You...Sa Ika-59 Na Taon! by sirloin_steak
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,037 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 170,551 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] alex08 [highlight]Date[/highlight] May 27 - June 30, 2009

[highlight]85.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange: Adik Sa 'Yo ang Next Big Stars na sila Darna at Rosalinda. by jmm23998
[highlight]Total Posts[/highlight] 5,258 [highlight]Total Views[/highlight] 194,829 [highlight]Top Poster[/highlight] jmm23998 [highlight]Date[/highlight] June 29 - July 30,2009

[highlight]86.[/highlight] GMA KAPUSO PEXchange: Ang Muling Paglipad ni DARNA! Si Krystala, Kailan? by jmm23998
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