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Please recommend dog products and supplies shops in marikina and mandaluyong areas...

fattyacidfattyacid 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
that are reputable and sell a wide range of legitimate and affordable dog products and supplies under local and foreign brands. thanks!


  • At Pet Express, we only give quality veterinary services. Contact the nearest Pet Express branch to find out more about the medical services we provide for dogs and cats.

    1. Dentistry
    2. Laboratory services
    3. Surgeries
    4.Confinement for ill patients
    5.Prescription medication and diets
    You can collect further information from professional resume writing service about it.
  • fattyacid!

    You can try Maxime! They're having a sale at Shopee right now and they deliver within NCR too. Super love ng furbabies ko!! :D 
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