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Good quality, high fashion and very affordable price of dresses/clothes?

Hi guys! I'm Ericka Reyes from Bulacan, 22 years old. I'm a BAG and CLOTHES and DRESS LOVER. Because I find myself happy when I have those Fashion stuff in my life. One of my favorite hobby is to take a photo and post it on social media. And also I'm a part time freelancer model during my spare time. That's why I need variety of CLOTHES and DRESSES to wear during my photoshoot. But ofcourse, I'm searching for a GOOD QUALITY CLOTHES and DRESSES, yet AFFORDABLE at the same time. One time, when I was browsing my instagram account, I saw my follower that wore a DRESS with the combination of black and white color. I was so amazed beacause that DRESS is so UNIQUE and if I'm not mistaken, that's HIGHLY FASHIONABLE. Then I'm not wasting my time to ask her if what part of SM she bought that DRESS. Then she said in an ONLINE SHOPPING named KILY.PH. She also invites me to check their products because they have tons of DRESSES and CLOTHES that I'm looking for. They have also FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. At first, I'm not believing my follower about what she's saying about that ONLINE SHOPPING. Until me, myself, checked their WEBSITE and WOW! Their CLOTHES and DRESSES are so BEAUTIFUL, GOOD QUALITY and VERY AFFORDABLE AT IT'S LOWEST PRICE. You have lots of choices to wear for every occassions. Their CLOTHES and DRESSES are very UNIQUE! What I love most is that I'm not encountered HASSLE and STRESS in choosing my favorite DRESS and CLOTHES. As of now, I bought my DRESSES and CLOTHES for my personal purposes but I'm planning if I could be their reseller because there are lots of people asking me if where did i buy my GOOD QUALITY, BEAUTIFUL, HIGH FASHION and VERY AFFORDABLE DRESSES and CLOTHES. :) Ifyou're interested also, below, is their website! :)


And you can contact or pm them at :

0917-3091090 / 0925-8903780 / 0921-3216388

Email: [email protected]

FB Page: Kily Supplier

Skype: kily.ph
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