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Pain in wrist and arm for over a month since IV was removed

So I was among those who fell victim to the dengue outbreak last month and had an IV inserted on my left wrist because a dextrose is needed, probably to keep me hydrated, and was admitted in a hospital for 3 days.

On the 3rd day of my hospital confinement, my left hand where the IV was inserted was swelling, and if that wasn't bad enough I felt a sharp pain from the IV site (wrist) and the pain runs through all the way to my arm. So when the attending physician visited to bring the good news that I will be discharged that day, I complained about the swelling and pain and she said these things do happen especially if it is about time to change the IV site. She explained that they change the IV site every 72 hours, but there is no need for that since I will be discharged that day anyway. She ordered the nurse to remove the IV right away and advised me to apply hot compress to the IV site when I get home to ease the swelling (and it did work). She also said the pain will go away eventually on its own.

Alas, after a month I still feel the pain (yes, I can do some activities such as typing on the keyboard and grabbing the fork when eating, but I have to put up with the pain to get things done). I didn't think it would take this long to heal on its own when she said "eventually", so I went to see the same doctor last week and she immediately ruled out the possibility of the pain being cause by the IV and she said I may have experienced a pinched nerve which coincided while I was in the healing process after my hospital confinement. She then prescribed pain reliever (Flanax, to be precise) to be taken for 3 days. I kinda doubted her diagnosis but I did as she prescribed anyway, and it did provide temporary relief but once the prescription period is over I am feeling the pain once again.

I don't think I will return for a follow-up checkup as I feel that the doctor is trying to cover up a possible mess in the medical procedure. In the first place I made it very clear to her when I went for consultation last week that I have no intention of putting the blame on anyone nor do I plan to file a complaint. I made that assurance thinking that she will diagnose the problem objectively so that she can address this properly. I mean, if she acknowledged the fact that the pain in my wrist and arm was caused by the IV then she may have prescribed better treatment options aside from pain relievers that only provide temporary relief. I am thinking of getting second opinion from other doctors but I don't know if I should just go see another general practitioner or if I should go to an orthopedic doctor (since this concerns my wrist and arm) or maybe I should visit a neurologist since the doctor mentioned the pinched nerve thing. What course of action should I take to address this problem?

Thanks in advance or any help you guys can provide.
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