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Living in Such a World, Don’t You Feel Frightened?

Since when do more and more news of murder appear on the TV and net? There are various kinds of horrile people, who might be your relative, friend, classmate or even Living in Such a World, Don’t You Feel Frightened?
just a passer-by, murdering someone else for a variety of reasons, perphas for money, for love, for a certain thing, for a fight, or more fearfully for the sole reason of wanting to try on how it feels to kill. ...
Since when are the murderers changed from showing remorse for their doings, admitting that they did it on impulse, and accepting the punishment of the law willingfully to showing indifferent expression and even saying with a sneer, "I’ll be released in years." ...
Since when are people changed from feeling indignant at such news and saying that these murderers were not at all a man to being numb with such news and just sighing for the “declining morals”?
Such when....?
Suddenly, I have a fearful feeling. In such society and such world, we can do nothing but follow the trend, unable to see light, afflicted slowly and unknowingly by the evil to be more and more numb until we’re completely devoured by the dark world.
Living in such a world, don’t you feel frightened?
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