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Is Success Far Away From You?

One day, a mother said to her child, “Dear son, let me teach you how to walk.” The child didn’t know what’s all that about, but gave her a nod. When the mother loosened her hands, the child stood still, dumfounded. Scare came over him immediately. Then he was staggering and dared not take a step forward. The mother stretched out her hands and said, “Come here to me, Dear son!” The child mustered up his courage and came toward her with difficulty. Just when he walked another two steps, he fell to the ground. Then he cried out loudly. From his eyes that were filled with tears, the mother understood that her child dared not try to walk. She walked up to him, supported him, and dusted off his clothes. She wiped his tears away with a facial tissue, stroked his head, and said, “Dear son, don’t lose faith. Success lies just ahead of us.” The child seemed to understand her word and nodded his head again. Then she loosened her hands once again. The child walked on, one step, two steps… Finally, he reached his mother’s side. The mother gave him a big hug and said happily, “You make it!”
I can’t help recalling the course of my believing in God. I return to God in the same way the child learns to walk. So many times when I hesitated at the crossroads, it is God’s word showing me the right way ahead and preventing me from getting lost. So many times when I lost faith and didn’t want to step forward in face of difficulties, God didn’t abandon me but instead helped me go on with His warm and powerful hands. So many times when I felt disappointed and desperate because of the thwarting and shattering of my ambitions and desires, God consoled my broken heart with His broad bosom, gave me faith and the chances to repent. As Almighty God says, “God always bestows the best aspect and the best things all to man, while He himself endures all sufferings silently. However, God never voices these sufferings openly, but endures them and waits silently. God’s endurance does not mean that He is unfeeling, numb, or at the end of His resources, nor is it a manifestation of being cowardly, but rather, it means that God’s love and substance are originally selfless, and it is a natural expression of His substance and disposition and is also a true reflection of the identity of God—the true Creator.” (from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh) From God’s word, I know that God has never left us but accompanied us all the time. He is waiting for our turning back and returning into His bosom to enjoy His blessing. Are you moving toward this direction? Are you far away from success?
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