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When Epidemics Strike, What Can We Do?

The Korean authorities announced that the number of people infected with MERS had crossed 100, and another two persons died of it.

Korea Health and Welfare Ministry reported on June 10th that there were 13 diagnosed cases added in the past 24 hours and the total of the infected people came up to 108. Most of them were infected in Samsung Seoul Hospital.

The two latest dead were a male aged 62 and a female aged 75. The former had alcoholic cirrhosis and liver cancer, and the latter was suffering from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, when she was alive.

According to the report, the two dead were infected by the fourteenth patient when they were being treated in the emergency room of Samsung Seoul Hospital on May 27th. Korea had been the country where there were the second most MERS diagnosed cases in the whole world after Saudi Arabia.

The BBC’s Seoul correspondent Evans noted that one root of this problem was that Korean patients went to a hospital for treatment when they had symptoms and then went to another well-known hospital for re-examination, with the result that the virus was brought to two places.

The BBC’s correspondent also said that Korean authorities had already undertaken a wide range of cleaning and disinfection services for bus, rail and other public transport facilities, in an attempt to prevent people from infection with the virus through hand contact.
Epidemics always come suddenly, which make people unprepared. Human prevention at that time is so feeble, whereas science that people put lots of hope in also seems to fail. No one knows why epidemics appear, much less does one know how they appear. After taking some people’s lives and finishing their mission, epidemics will disappear as if they had never existed. Over these years, many scientists have tried to prevent and find a cure for epidemics. But faced with one after another invisible epidemics, they could only provide some belated “antidotes” after the epidemics showed their power. The invisible epidemics, like nightmares, haunt mankind unceasingly. Then, how do epidemics take innumerable lives in different places every time? This reminds me of a passage of Almighty God’s word, “On the micro level, all the mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, and landmasses that man beholds on earth, all the seasons that he experiences, all the things that inhabit the earth, including plants, animals, microorganisms, and humans, are subject to God’s sovereignty, are controlled by God. Under God’s sovereignty and control, all the things come into being or disappear in accordance with His thoughts, their lives are all governed by certain laws, and they grow and multiply in keeping with them. No human being or thing is above these laws. Why is this? The only answer is, because of God’s authority. Or, to put it another way, because of God’s thoughts and God’s words; because God Himself does it all. That is to say, it is God’s authority and God’s mind that give rise to these laws; they will shift and change according to His thoughts, and these shifts and changes all occur or disappear for the sake of His plan. Take epidemics, for example. They break out without warning, no one knows their origins or the exact reasons why they happen, and whenever an epidemic reaches a certain place, those who are doomed cannot escape calamity. Human science understands epidemics to be caused by the spread of vicious or harmful microbes, and their speed, range, and method of transmission cannot be predicted or controlled by human science. Though humanity resists them by every means possible, they cannot control which people or animals are inevitably affected when epidemics break out. The only thing that human beings can do is try to prevent them, resist them, and research them. But no one knows the root causes that explain the beginning or ending of any individual epidemic, and no one can control them. Faced with the rise and spread of an epidemic, the first measure humans take is to develop a vaccine, but often the epidemic dies out on its own before the vaccine is ready. Why do epidemics die out? Some say that the germs have been brought under control, others say they die out because of changes in the seasons…. As to whether these wild speculations hold water, science can offer no explanation, give no precise answer. What humanity faces is not only these speculations but mankind’s lack of understanding and fear of the epidemics. No one knows, in the final analysis, why epidemics begin or why they end. Because humanity has faith only in science, relies entirely upon it, but does not recognize the Creator’s authority or accept His sovereignty, they will never have an answer.” (from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh)

Actually everything is orchestrated and arranged in God’s hand. When God starts to do things, nobody and nothing can hinder Him. Before the Creator who is full of authority and power and in command of the patterns of movement of everything as well as man’s life and death, we should have a heart of revering Him and should seek and know Him; then we will get something unexpected.

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