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Oral Medication sa ALMURANAS (hemorroids)

What do you think of Sulodexide? Has anyone tried this? Eto kasi reseta saken pero when i googled parang di sya common for hemorroids.

Please. Badly need help.


  • Hi, please try to take the Essential Vitamins of Usana. One of its effective benefit is Good Bowel Movement, which in turn will help decrease the size of your hemorrhoids.

    You may contact cp#0915-9999994 for product order.

  • I have not used any oral medication for this though I have been prescribed with ointment. I did not use it for too long though because I am more comfortable with the natural remedy. You may read this too.
  • Hi, I used to have hemorrhoids din. lalo na pag kumain ako ng spicy foods and pag stress. after your treatment, I suggest you go for prevention. na realize ko kasi sakin na na aggravate ng wiping using tissue yung almoranas ko so I started using bidet. I bought it from Korea super sulit. the brand is Dobidos. now, almoranas is not a worry for me anymore. kaya pala in Korea and Japan, 80% of their household have those. worth it siya.
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