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Are we still young?

Recently, I found my photos when I was a child . Many memories appear in my mind .
I’m a post-80s. Mentioning the 80's generation, it seems that they aren’t young any more. But we had a lot of simple and happy things in the past . I remember at that time, we had TV not long time. Computer and cellphone were not popular . I didn’t use electronic product in my childhood . But my childhood was very colorful .
It was interesting that my friends with me caught cicada and sometimes I played with mud all the day. Sometimes I have a date with a few friends to take rope skipping , and sometimes we drew and wrote together. When I recall all the things I think they are so beautiful. It was easy to feel happy when I was a child . It’s easy to laugh loudly , cry loudly and smile through tears.
How nice being simple is!
We have gone through the youth of life who are post-80s. Perhaps we have got married and work or we are constantly dating for findind happiness we have longed for. We have experienced a lot of vicissitudes of life . Sometimes I just want to get away from the noisy city and stay outsaid alone .
When I recall the bygone , I will can't help smiling sweetly . I always look for any way to recover a little happiness.
However we are not old! What makes us become vicissitude. Are we not young any more? What makes us lose the simplicity? Is years? Is life ?
Are we not young any more ? Can we recover the self of the beginning?
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