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INC wants QC Court to bar visitors from entering house of Nathaniel & Lolita Manalo

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THE Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) has asked the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to bar visitors from entering the house of Nathaniel Felix Manalo and Lolita V. Manalo Hemedez inside the INC compound in Quezon City.

The two are the estranged siblings of INC’s Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo.

The petition was filed by Radel Cortez, one of the members of the Sanggunian, the INC’s highest administrative body.

Meanwhile, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, counsel of expelled INC minister Isaiah Samson, revealed that the petition has included photos of items being delivered in boxes to the rear entry of the house.

“In their petition, the representative of the INC claims that the boxes may contain guns,” Angeles said.

“This malicious imputation is the newest in a series of oppressive acts. The truth is that the remaining Manalo family members in the compound are slowly being hidden from the world, with walls being raised around them, surveillance cameras trained on them night and day,” Angeles said.

“And now this. They are not provided with anything, not food, not toiletries nor other necessary items for living and so must rely on the kindness of friend and family who have undertaken to deliver these,” Angeles said adding that “some high ranking ministers want even this supply of food to end.”

The siblings and their mother were expelled following allegations made via YouTube that their lives are in danger.

The case is being tried before the sala of Judge Madonna Echiverri of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 81,

However, Angeles called on her to inhibit from the case because she is part of the faculty of New Era University’s College of Law. Tetch Torres-Tupas


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