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The UP Pep Squad Appreciation Thread IX-B

The pep squad with the most win in the UAAP and dubbed as the "Pep Squad ng Bayan" continues to search for its 9th title. Will season 78 mark the return of the Diliman Cheerdance powerhouse? Let's continue the discussion here.

What is the most iconic UP PEP SQUAD Championship routine?

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  • curiousercuriouser 8 Secs Left in Overtime PExer
    Yey! Bagong thread sa wakas! :cheerleader:


    24 tulog na lang, CDC 2015 na! :naughty:
  • river12river12 Member PExer
    Go UP PEP!!

  • ikotspotterikotspotter dyos ng mga dyip ✭✭✭
    Congrats to this new thread. :)
  • eustace_scrubbeustace_scrubb Member ✭✭✭
    Kaway po! congrats sa bagong thread!
  • curiousercuriouser 8 Secs Left in Overtime PExer
    Dahil may demanding diyan sa tabi-tabi. :rolleyes: Di makapaghintay? :bop: :lol:

    A rare "from the back" view of UP Pep's HT (vs. DLSU) "Equality" routine.

    Courtesy of Gabby Dario. :love:

  • buzzkillbuzzkill Moderator PExer
    2007 (UP ROCKS)
    gumising, gumising mga nahihimbing
    trophy ay nagniningning
    uaap na gumising
  • mouaismouais Member ✭✭
    Kawai kawai! 👯💃

    Go UP!
  • buzzkillbuzzkill Moderator PExer
    2007 (UP ROCKS)
    kala ko kung ano na nangyari kay huntfan haha!
  • bleustxbleustx Die Mannschaft! ✭✭
    Best of luck UP Pep!
  • curiousercuriouser 8 Secs Left in Overtime PExer
    buzzkill wrote: »
    kala ko kung ano na nangyari kay huntfan haha!

    Nagparamdam ulit si huntie? :eek: Saan? :lol:

    I summon thee. :rotfl:
  • buzzkillbuzzkill Moderator PExer
    2007 (UP ROCKS)
    curiouser wrote: »
    Nagparamdam ulit si huntie? :eek: Saan? :lol:

    I summon thee. :rotfl:

    i haven't seen his posts lately pero i stalked his pex account hahaha!
  • river12river12 Member PExer
    ang sharp ng mga moves

    UP PEP SQUAD Half-Time UP vs DLSU (Sept. 9, 2015)
    Courtesy of Pisces Purple
  • Let's go for the 9th UP *okay*





  • gettingeven10gettingeven10 PEx Resident
    2011 (MADONNA)
    Wag sana umabot ng Thread IX-Z. :lol:

    UP pep, please take the ninth title this year. [#]pressure[/#]
  • veirendeelveirendeel Member PExer
    Mukhang puspusan na training nila ah. May drum beats na akong naririnig pagkatapos ng class ko sa masters ng 9pm. Di ko sure kung sa routine ba iyon o nagp-practice lang ang drummers
  • leviathan12leviathan12 breaking bad! ✭✭
    HAHAHA power ang IX-B. NKKLK!!!!

    well well, super gaganda ng mga pyramids talaga ng pep. sana fab din this year ;)
  • curiousercuriouser 8 Secs Left in Overtime PExer
    Isama niyo rin daw ang pyramids ng first 3-peat. :glee:



  • piniskatpiniskat Laban UP! ✭✭✭
    2008 (TRIBO)
    Oo nga sana magfocus ulit ang UP Pep sa strength nila which is pyramids and overall execution. But sana hindi din nila kalimutan ang tosses.

    Although malaki ang kaba ko sa order of performances, hopefully, they will give us a stellar performance that will make the judges forget that they are the 1st team to perform.
  • veirendeelveirendeel Member PExer
    Sa tingin nyo, may factor kaya na una sila magpeperform? Dapat sobrang remarkable ang gawin nila para maalala ng judges. Kagaya nung 2007 Rock routine. Una sila noon, diba?
  • curiousercuriouser 8 Secs Left in Overtime PExer
    Siguro, magmamatter yun insofar as Anchoring and the Contrast Effect are concerned.

    Anchoring, kasi sila ang magiging "peg" for future performers. In judging, tricky si number 1 kasi di mo talaga siya bibigyan ng full points agad-agad, unless sobrang taas ng contrast niya sa susunod. Pero, may possibility na i-adjust up siya, depending on how much of an upgrade they are, compared to the next few performers.

    Kung historical ang pagbabasehan, ang may pinakamalaking contrast effect this year ay in favor of NU. ADMU before them and UE after them.

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