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smeared cement

Hi Guys! Favor naman po. What is the best way to remove cement droppings from car paint. Di ko alam kung saan kasi galing yung talsik ng semento eh. pwede kasi nangyari yun along andrews ave. in Pasay kasi I usually pass that road when going to work. Medyo tumigas na siya sa katagalan. Thank you:)


  • ach_choo
    ach_choo Repent you savages! Repent!
    Try the thin edge or corner of a plastic object. Hit the edge of the cement "droplet" hard and parallel to the surface of the paint to make it pop off. Don't plow into it so as not to make the cement (or the plastic) scratch the paint.
  • Same experience along Andrews Ave... kapag manipis and bago pa... use vinegar to soften and remove the cement. Use sparingly!

    Just don't forget to wax the section na nilagyan ng vinegar since it'll strip the wax.
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