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Will Ewing's return help or hinder the Knicks?

eboyeboy PExer
Will Patrick Ewing's return to the Knicks' rotation be a boon for the Knicks? Can he help guard Duncan and the other big bullies at all? Or are the knicks better off without him?


  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    It all depends on Ewing's mindset when he returns to the line-up this season. If he can take on the role of defensive anchor, and concentrate on controlling the boards instead of being the go to guy, then he would be a tremendous help to the franchise. If he insists that he still is the main man, then expect the Knicks to perform like the Lakers last season -- Lots of scoring talent but not enough balls to go around.
  • The Knicks are adopting a faster game. With the likes of Sprewell, Houston, Johnson, and Camby, it would seem that Patrick's return will damage New York's system.

    However, it is also important to note Ewing's experience and leadership. These are intangibles which get elevated by age. Though many critics would tout the Knicks as a better team without Ewing, I would have to say that they are very wrong.
  • There are some who believe (myself included) that Ewing is one of the most overrated players to play in the league. If you notice, he's slow (some say deliberate), doesn't really have good moves towards the basket, and has no heart to take charge come crunch time.

    However, he is 7 feet tall and thus can grab some rebounds and score in the 20s. He will be of help to any team, but the team has to really work around his abilties. Im not so sure players like Sprewell relish that thought.

    In response to the question posed, I think he will be both a boon and a bane to the Knicks.
  • i think Patrick Ewing will hinder the knicks in their championship campaign...right now the knicks are in very good shape. they are very fast and snappy... with ewing in they became slow and very predictable...
  • The consensus seems to be that Ewing will become a liability when he returns for the Knicks. The rock will take it further by saying that Ewing must retire. He will never get a championship ring. Just like Barkley, he should just accept that his best years are behind him and he never had the balls to beat Jordan, Magic, Bird, or Hakeem. Get the hell out, go back to Jamaica and maybe the Knicks can pass the ball around with fluidity and get a chance at a ring.

    That leadership that bughaw talked about works well if you're productive. The past few years have shown that Ewing has become too injury prone and unreliable in the clutch. yeah, he's got a lot of heart coming back from a wrist injury two years ago. But he still makes his team too predictable, too slow, and very beatable. Quit now, you've gone way beyond making a fool of yourself.
  • Ewing sucks!! Its obvious that he isn't willing to take a supporting role just as David Robinson did in the Suprs. It seems that for Ewing, its either New York will win the championship through him or they won't. They've got a good line up, but I think they need to get more talent down low and a quality point guard. Someone like Avery Johnson who can expoilt Sprewell and Houston's offense more. Go New York!!
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Yes, Ewing should retire. He does take up a ton of sallary cap space. Just imagine who the Knicks could get should all that money be available for free agent signings. Duncan anyone?
  • It depends on what Patrick would want to achieve in his carreer. If he would want to just keep his statistics good and be a shoo-in in the Hall of Fame inductees after he retires, he may have a trouble adjusting to a lesser load he will be getting with the Knicks once he returns.

    Remember, his team nearly won the NBA Finals last season with him on the sidelines. If he comes back and agrees to do what David Robinson did with the Spurs, I expect to see the Knicks in June and eventually win the Finals.

    I believe he is really overrated but his career statistics with the NBA shows he can really perform in the highest level. Also, this guy has pride and would want to end his career with a championship ring.

    Expect the return of Ewing to help the Knicks in the next three years (the remaining term of his last contract with NY).

  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I agree with the overall sentiment here that Ewing is best utilized not as a primary offensive weapon but as a valuable reserve - much like the role Walton played with the 86 Celtics. If this is unacceptable to him, he should retire.

    However, he will not because of all the money he is being paid. And I think even if he did retire, a large percentage of his salary will still count against the cap and since the Knicks are way over to begin with, I think the net effect would be that they would remain over the cap and not have any flexibility with regard to signing free agents.
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