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magkano po ang mucocele removal?

How much does it cost to have my mucocele removed here in the philippines? since nabasa ko kasi sa internet na sa US aabot ng $800 dollars ang removal nya.. its been 3 months and its still here on my lower lip :(. thanks


  • matulis wrote: »
    Excision or just marsupialization of a mucocoele in the lower lip can be done at a fraction of the cost you are quoting especially if it can be done under local anesthesia.

    Sometimes these lesions disappear when the obstruction in a salivary gland duct has been cleared.

    How much do you think it'll be?(your estimation) since i'll probably go to the hospital tomorrow and i can't seem to find anything about mucocele removal cost in the philippines using google.. hoping that it won't cost much since i'm still a student. Thanks :)
  • the cost of excision of mucocoele depends if it is done in a clinic or in the operating room. Usually if can be safely done in the clinic, it is cheaper (more or less PhP5,000); if done in the operating room, it will be more costly due to instrumentation and use of facility (more or less PhP10,000).
  • depends on the size and depth and if you want pa siya pa biopsy. around 4k or up..
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