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may abogado ba dito?

may tanong *** ako.. sa pinas ba ikaw gagastos kung biktima ka or kapamilya mo ng ***** or murder, etc..
i remember a long time ago sa tv may interview na tatay naiyak kasi natalo yung ***** and murder case ng anak niya.. he also said nasanla pa nila bahay nila para sa abogado..
sobrang kawawa naman ang biktima..

i know in other countries like US, walang private prosecution.. ibig sabihin yung biktima hindi pwede or kailangan mag-hire ng sariling abogado.. yung state ang magpo-provide.. kasi crime against the state yung mga yun..


  • blue_acidblue_acid PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    You have to hire your own lawyer for any lawsuit unless you don't have the money and seek the assistance of PAO
  • base sa nabasa ko online crime against state din sa Pinas ang mga violent crimes. Pero pwede kang mag hire ng private lawyer to help the public prosecutor Kasi sobrang busy sila. Di matututukan ang kaso Kung walang help ng private lawyer.
  • Suma tutal, kapag ika'y may asulto - sa Pinas man o sa ibang bansa - maghanda kang gumastos nang malaki! Tiyak malalaspag ka! :glee:
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Walang prosecutor sa Pinas?

  • MJR_advocateMJR_advocate PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Criminal cases commenced by an information or complaint are under the control and direction of the public prosecutor. It's only in case of lack of prosecutors, or heavy work schedule, that a private prosecutor may be authorized to prosecute the case (subject to Court's approval). Now, when you hire a private lawyer that's the only time you pay for the services of a lawyer.
  • hermeowninihermeownini PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yup. In Canada, everyone has the right to a fair trial. Kahit wala kang status pwede ka mag-avail ng Legal Aid.

    I remember the case of this man named William Imona-Russell. A Nigerian who assumed refugee status in Ontario but got denied status because he used a fake passport. He collected disability cheques for his HIV (he wasn't supposed to). He raped his 50 year old gf, gave her HIV, assaulted her, murdered his 20 year old roommmate while he was on bail. He kept appealing his case and it took 2 years to finalize his sentence. That's millions of taxpayers money wasted.

    Lakas den ng apog. Never contributed to Canadian government but managed to exploit the system loopholes in the expense of Canadian taxpayers. I'm sure he's also getting HIV treatment in prison.

    :note: OH, CANADA
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^Bigay kayo ng bigay eh.

    Most na Canadians na kilala ko na nakatira dito libertarian/Republicans, lahat na siguro ng conservative Canadians nagpunta na lang todits.


    Vote a fiscal conservative next election. *okay*

    [#]Libertarian[/#] [#]NoTaxationWORepresentation[/#]
  • Vit@min_C[email protected]_C PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Pera pera nalang ngayon.

    Para iwas agrabyado, dapat my gopro at facebook account ka. ebidens ba. :lol:
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