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Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

Hi, Can I learn to ride a motorcycle even if I don't know how to ride a bike?
Any tips on how can i learn riding a motorcycle?

I planning on getting a motorcycle because it really efficient for everyday use and as a mode of transportation going to work.


  • Exgirlfriend
    Exgirlfriend I am Supah baby!
    learn to ride a bike first, so that you'd know how to balance yourself on two wheels.
  • not really. you can learn to ride a motorcycle without ever learning how to ride a bike.

    merong mga motorcycle schools ngayon. check your local area for availability. better to learn from them and learn also the proper riding and road rules.
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    I took a course at Honda a long time ago. They still offer courses.

  • cretinous00
    cretinous00 The sea! The sea!
    our resident biker says 8 hours of lessons by an accredited teacher and 2 weeks of practice riding and you're ready to put your life on the line during EDSA's rush hour. just don't be a daredevil. yield to anything with more than 3 wheels.
  • Sa hondamotorcycle philippines sa bicutan may riding course.

    Kapag marunong ka na just apply the general rule on riding "wag masyadong mabilis at wag din naman masyadong mabagal sa kalsada".. Ride according to the current average speed.
    if you go slow pls keep right( Sa tabi)...
  • Learn to balance first on a bike, di masyadong disgrasya pag bumagsak ka unlike a motorbike. Humiram ka nalang kahit bulok na bike so you can learn on this. Also try to study at abovementioned places, pros mga yan. They teach not only riding techniques but also proper road manners.
    Madaming pasaway na riders ngayun kasi kung sino lang na maama sila natuto and sometimes road manners go out the window. LTO natin bulok, lagay lang and may license ka na.
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