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[PEx Club] PEx Outreach Club - PLANS, UPDATES, ANNOUNCEMENTS, etc

CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
This thread is for the plans, updates, announcements, and other official stuff for the club. If you want to chat, you are welcome to do so at the other thread. :)

Just to refresh everyone, I'll post the important messages from the other thread.


  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Minutes of Meeting

    Date: November 29, 2001 (Thursday)
    Time: 6:30PM
    Venue: Seattle's Best, Greenbelt


    huggies, simmie, Fairy nd Meadow, rains_delight, Caramba, Leigh, tina11, gwaps, kesibi, subtle, Hulk, solace, StUriel, Mokkori, cho chang, Yobaks, Ada, archangel, orcom_dude, travic mc gee, Revenant, leelayce, MO, Ira, Meiji (habol)

    I. Name of Club

    We asked for suggestions from everyone. We came up with a list of 10 names. Before the meeting ended, we asked everyone to choose the three best names. The three best names will be posted here on the board.

    Pexers for Others
    Pex Volunteer Corps
    HOPE - Heart of PinoyExchange

    To those who were not able to attend the meeting, please choose one from these three, then PM me your vote.

    Other names we came up with: Concerned Pexers of the Philippines (CPP), Caring Pexers of the Philippines (CPP), Pex Outreach Club, Nurturing Pexers Association (NPA), Katulong ng Bayan ang mga Pexers (KBP), The PEx Angels, Pex Goodness Club, Helping Hand. Syempre yung iba dyan joke. :p

    II. Criteria for Membership

    I suggested that a Pexer will be considered a certified member after attending 2 activities (includring preparation and evaluation). Ada suggested that the 2 activities should be within a 6-month period.

    However, we will still tap the community during activities. Other Pexers are welcome to join even if they're not 'certified members' yet.

    For Pexers who are abroad, for now they can join us by sending money and/or materials. They can also help look for sponsors for our activities (since they have the moohlah). For the Pexers who are abroad (esp. Trig and wends), you have other ideas as to how you can help us out? Please let us know. rains_delight suggested that we open a bank account in a big bank that has branches in other countries.

    III. Core Group, Responsibilities

    We need 7 people in the core group for 5 committees. The committees are as follows:

    Membership, Training and Development
    -keeping and updating list of members (will figure out who should be a certified member, or which member to kick out if ever)
    -prepares for the training of the members
    -facilitates training of the members (training means having a seminar, a talk, that will prepare the members for a certain activity)
    -facilitates the evaluation/monitoring of a program/activity

    *We need two heads for this committee.

    -minutes of all meetings
    -organize meetings (venue, time, date, etc)
    -contacts the members for meetings
    -keeps all documents (list of members, evaluation papers, etc)

    *We need one head for this committee.

    -important committee because this club needs money
    -he/she will be accountable for the money of the club
    -will prepare reports for the PEx, Inc. company

    *We need one head for this committee.

    Promotions and Marketing
    -contact institutions, organizations and companies
    -take care of tie-ups
    -promote the club to other pexers and outside organizations
    -oversee website development, promo materials such as flyers, etc

    *We need either one/two heads for this committee.

    -will take care of logistical needs of the activities such as food, tables and chairs, transpo, sounds, etc.

    *We need one head for this committee.

    The core group will be the most active members of the club, since they will be involved (one way or another) in all programs and activities. This doesn't mean they have to attend all the activities, but for sure they will be involved in the preparation. Here's our core group so far.

    Leigh - Membership, Training and Development
    tina11 - Secretariat
    rains_delight - Finance
    gwaps - Logistics (I think huggies is willing to be your assistant head.)

    We still have an openings for Membership, Training and Development and Promotions and Marketing. I think orcom_dude will be the other head of Membership, but I have to confirm with him. Do you guys mind if I'll be the head of the club for now?

    Hoy Ada dapat part ka ng core group!

    Teka, MO, did you want to be part of the core group?

    IV. Plans for the Year - Specific programs and activities

    Purpose and Objective - We want to help out other people, especially those who are in need. But at the same time, we also want to help out fellow PExers. Through this club they can improve on their social development and on their awareness of the problems of others. Blah blah. :p

    Some of the stuff that have been brought up: Manila Zoo activity, story telling activity, activites tied-up with the clubs (that's 6!), cancer warriors, tutorials, Valentine's Party.

    I guess the core group can meet and really draw up the specific plans.

    V. Program Heads, Membership

    Guys please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Promotions and Marketing Committee Members
    travis mcgee

    Membership, Training and Development
    Fairy nd Meadow
    cho chang


  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    So far, this is what we have.

    Name of Club - Those who didn't attend the meeting.
    Pexers for Others - 1 vote
    Heart of PinoyExchange - 4 votes

    To those who haven't voted, you have until tomorrow 5PM to vote. Please PM me your votes.


    Membership - Trex Okiaru, Fairy nd Meadow, cho chang, solace, Revenant, leelayce, Hulk

    Promo, Marketing - Chick, Chuckie13, name, travis mcgee, kesibi, Meiji, Mokkori

    Finance - NelMania, simmie

    Logistics - subtle, Yobaks, archangel, StUriel

    To those who haven't joined any committee, please PM your choice to tina11.


    Most of our members, for now, want to join the following: Manila Zoo, Storytelling, Cancer Warriors, and Tutorials.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Hey guys! Meeting went well. :) We have specific plans for next year already. We will concentrate on kids, but we'll also have other activities like going to Home for the Aged and helping out with Habitat.

    tina11 will post the minutes. The activities will be listed. We need volunteers who can HEAD each activity. :)

    There are also plans for the specific committees. Just contact your head and ask for the details. Deadline for the committee stuff is end of December.

    The core group will meet with the heads of the activities.

    Those who will attend the teambuilding activity will be considered pioneer members, together with the core group. Everyone else will have to meet the criteria for membership (attending two outreach activities within a 6-month period).

    We're going to have our teambuilding activity in January. Then we're going to have a launch. Then Manila Zoo will be our first activity.

    To those who want to join, please send your contact details to tina11. Please include your PEx Nickname, Real Name, Email Address and Celphone Number. Include the committee that you want to join. You can choose from Logistics, Promo and Marketing, and Membership. (Finance and Secretariat have enough members already.)
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Minutes of CORE GROUP MEETING - Dec. 6, 2001

    Attendance: CaRaMBa, Leigh, tina11, gwaps, huggies, rains_delight

    1. Name of the club
    Most people voted for HOPE, but the core group wanted to find another meaning other than "Heart of PinoyExchange." It was also decided that we need a catchy slogan that stems from PEx's "speak your mind", and we also need to design a logo for the club.

    2. Purpose
    The club has a two-fold purpose:
    *to extend our service and help to our fellowmen in need;
    *and to touch the lives of our members as well and help them in their spiritual and emotional growth.

    We will organize our own activities, as well as be a source of manpower and provide a pool of resources for other charitable organizations who need volunteers for their activities. It is our hope that PinoyExchange, as the no. 1 online community in the Philippines, can give back to the community in this way.

    3. Plans and Goals for the next year
    HOPE will organize its own activities as well as provide a pool of volunteers for other organizations who ask for our help. We will have 4 major outreach activities a year (one major activity per quarter).

    The core group decided to focus on KIDS for our activities. Thus, the bulk of our activities will consist of visits to orphanages and hospitals for kids with terminal illnesses, medical missions targetted towards kids (e.g. free vaccinations), story-telling sessions, academic tutorials, arts activities, etc.

    4. Plans for Committees
    Membership (heads: Leigh and orcom_dude)
    - will be responsible for holding trainings before major activities and conducting evaluations after these activities to keep track of the club's progress in fulfilling its goals. They will then have a big exhibit at the end of the year.
    -they can also hold trainings and awareness programs not linked to a specific activity, to increase PExers' awareness and help them be more compassionate towards people in need.

    Logistics (heads: gwaps & huggies)
    -they will collect a list of contacts for our resources: price lists for possible venues, food, transpo and other services; they will also look for PEx members who are willing to provide these free or at a lower price.
    -they will be in charge of collecting, transporting, and stocking in-kind donations, etc. when the need arises.

    Secretariat (head: tina11)
    -compile members' lists, minutes of meetings, and other documentation
    -will take pictures of each activity for documentation and exhibit purposes

    Finance (head: rains_delight)
    -right now, the primary goal is to collect donations from sponsors &/or members to raise enough funds to open a bank account.
    -an option for the local account is BPI Family Bank
    -for PExers in Australia and New Zealand, they can deposit donations to rains_delight's account in ANZ bank. please PM him for details.

    Marketing & Promotions
    *we don't have a head for this committee yet, right?*
    -establish linkages with charitable organizations and ask them what they need
    -compile a directory of these organizations

    5. Criteria for Membership
    For a PExer to be considered an official member, he/she has to attend at least two activities within 6 months (as well as the training session/s that are required for these activities). The core group can also decide to grant membership to a PExer who has not fulfilled this requirement but has given exceptional help to the club in other ways.

    6. Planned Activities
    Teambuilding Activity (head: ?)
    -will be held during the first half of Jan 2002
    -will be organized by the Membership committee
    -minimum is to have the core group and heads for the activities in the teambuilding, but any PExer who wants to join is also welcome.
    -probably overnight, pero KKB ha (wala pa tayong pera!) :D

    Launch EB/Party? (head: gwaps & huggies)
    -will be held in Feb (Valentine's Day Party?)
    -goal is to attract members to join the club & for them to get to know each other better
    -we will invite PiMP and the Dance Club to perform
    -potluck and people who don't bring food will be charged a minimal entrance fee

    Manila Zoo Activity (head: Leigh)
    -we need volunteers to tour kids around the zoo
    -we can also help Manila Zoo in their ongoing activities similar to their coloring book project.

    Storytelling Activity at Museo Pambata (head: Bostsip)
    -we need volunteers for their storytelling sessions every Friday morning at 10am

    Cancer Warriors (head: ?)
    -we can collect donations for them.
    -it will be like "adopting" a kid, like giving funds to buy medicines for a kid for a month.
    -PExers abroad can help solicit donations for this activity since physical presence is not a requirement.

    Medical Missions (head: ?)
    -our goal is to have 2 medical missions per year
    -we can solicit from pharmaceutical companies and ask interns/medical students for help

    Hospital Visitation (head: ?)
    -we need volunteers to go to the hospital and cheer up the patients
    -training is needed for this
    -we also have to ensure that the volunteers are emotionally prepared and can handle this experience

    Christmas Activity (2002) (head: ?)
    -collect donations and distribute bags of goodies around Metro Manila or at orphanages
    -we can contact Fr. Anton Pascual, the former parish priest of Greenbelt Parish, for the list of orphanages who really need donations

    other activities
    -building activities, e.g. Habitat for Humanity
    -visit Home for the Aged
    -academic tutorials
    -activities which can utilize the resources of the other PEx clubs, which can use their special talents for a worthy cause

    We need volunteers and heads for each of these activities.
    an immediate need is facilitators for the teambuilding activity. if you have had experience conducting seminars/trainings, we need you! Pls. PM tina11 if you are interested.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    next steps
    • come up with the list of activity heads
    • core group to meet with activity heads on... Dec. 18, Tuesday (is this alright with everyone?)

    for the committees, i've included them in the committee description. sige, i'll post them again here.

    -organize the teambuilding activity to be held in early January. minimum is to have the core group & activity heads, but other members are also welcome.
    -come up with the date, venue, facilitators for the teambuilding
    -Dec. 18

    -list/directory of possible "suppliers" for future activities
    -date, venue for the Launch EB/Party
    -January 15, 2002

    -ask for donations
    -open an account for the club at BPI Family Bank
    -January 15, 2002

    -final list of members
    -January 15, 2002

    Marketing & Promo
    -list of partners, organizations, institutions, possible sponsors
    -January 15, 2002
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Formal announcement by Leigh:

    From the Membership committee, Fairy_nd_meadow will be heading the teambuilding activity, and gwaps from the Logistics committe helping her out, siyempre with Leigh as the super assistant to the assistant.

    For Cancer Warriors, it's Ada the woman and Noisy Cricket who's going to help her.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Okay guys! I'll take care of marketing for now! :)


    If you have contacts - orphanages, institutions, schools - that you feel need help (money, volunteers, etc), please send the details to me. I need the ff:

    Contact Name and Position (if you have)
    Telephone Number
    Address (if possible)

    Please! :)

  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Boys and Girls, the organizers of the HOPE teambuilding have come up with a proposal for you guys and we need you to cast your votes asap. Voting will end on Jan. 4 at 12nn.

    Teambuilding and Membership committee members, do not fear, we'll inform you about our upcoming meetings after the vacation

    This is presuming that there are 25 attendees, and the values are the more or less the amount each person will shell out. Dec. 26 - 27, 2002 (Saturday and Sunday). Don't worry, the organizing group is very thrifty so you don't have to worry, we'll try to lower the expenses.

    Option 1: P600/person - Overnight. (Out of Town)
      Inclusive of:
    • Food (Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast plus Merienda for the 2 days)
    • we have to give something (honorarium or token) to our speaker since it's an overnight stay.
    • venue
    • Transportation expenses
    • miscellaneous

    Note: Time is in our hands, we'll have more time for the activities, more bonding time plus more activities in General.

    **This will definitely go down if it's within Metro Manila - minus 100.**

    Option 2: P200/person - one whole day from 8 - 6pm
      Inclusive of:
    • Food (Lunch and Merienda)
    • token/honorarium for speaker
    • venue
    • miscellaneous

    Note: it's cheaper but we won't sacrifice the teambuilding experience you guys deserve.

    With a one day thing, we definitely have a fully packed activity day for you guys.

    All payments should be in by January 16, 2002. We'll have payment areas - one in Makati (PEx office) and one in QC (Fairy's office), we'll look for another one in Ortigas plus the office of rains_delight if ever. Please note that we have to get the money earlier than the 26th so that we can give the downpayment for the venue.

    Please vote Now! Voting will be closed on January 4, 12nn. Comments are very welcome.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    B] Hi everyone! Wassup peep? Hope you're all okay!!![/B]

    Looks like almost equal ang peeps who voted for Option 1 and 2.

    Why don't we try to talk about the pros and cons of each option?

    Option 1 (overnight - outta town or manila)

    More time for fun activities
    More time to bond (naks!)
    It'll be a breather for everyone (if it's outta town)

    A bit more expensive

    Option 2 (whole day)


    Parang there'll be so little time for the activities.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    If you're interested in joining the club, please PM tina11. Please include the following:

    PEx nick

    Complete name

    Committee preference (take note that the Finance & Secretariat committees are already full)

    Activity that you want to be involved in (member or head?)

    Email address

    Cell number
  • I sort of missed out on the next meeting with the Teambuilding group. When will that be again, Leigh and Orcom_dude? I know it's going to be next week, but am not sure if it's gonna be on a Wednesday or a Friday. Refresh me on this one, please.

  • huggieshuggies Kamatis PExer
    hey guys. hope u all enjoyed the long break. If you guys need any help with the teambuilding group i'm all ears.

    gwaps: the deadline for the contacts is on the 15th. Let's talk asap.
  • LeighLeigh Member PExer
    Please visit this thread, i posted the results:

    Overnight for our Teambuilding
  • gwapsgwaps tulog ... PExer
    Announcements from Leigh ...

    There will be a membership Committee Meeting.

    Date : Thursday, January 17, 2001
    Time : 6 PM
    Place : PEX Office, Makati Stock Exchange Building,
    Ayala Avenue, Makati City.
    Agenda : Teambuilding Seminar

    Angelo, Miss Eva tuloy tayo tomorrow 6PM at the PEX office.

    huggies and sa ibang logistics Please help in looking for possible venues for the January 26 - 27 teambuilding seminar. Hirap din maghanap since may budget constraint tayo. you can contact me at 0917 3947422. Other members welcome din for the help.

    Thanks ... :)
  • Originally posted by gwaps
    Announcements from Leigh ...

    There will be a membership Committee Meeting.

    Date : Thursday, January 17, 2001
    Time : 6 PM
    Place : PEX Office, Makati Stock Exchange Building,
    Ayala Avenue, Makati City.
    Agenda : Teambuilding Seminar

    Angelo, Miss Eva tuloy tayo tomorrow 6PM at the PEX office.

    huggies and sa ibang logistics Please help in looking for possible venues for the January 26 - 27 teambuilding seminar. Hirap din maghanap since may budget constraint tayo. you can contact me at 0917 3947422. Other members welcome din for the help.

    Thanks ... :)

    Okay, I'll be there!!!! See you peeps!!! :wave:
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Kiko, I gave suggestions to Leigh already, for the venue. One is Tagaytay Highlands.

    Are we set for January 26? Let's have a deadline for our official announcement. We have to give the members time to ask for permission. How about next week?
  • orcom_dudeorcom_dude Iskolar ng Bayan PExer
    Hi everyone!!!

    Mads, Kiko, Eva: We have to finalize everything (or at least all the major details) later. The meeting on the 17th will just be the tasking for the whole committee and maybe some minor adjustments.

    See you guys later! Take care!!! Have a great day!!!

  • rains_delightrains_delight Banned by Admin PExer
    Originally posted by orcom_dude
    Hi everyone!!!

    Mads, Kiko, Eva: We have to finalize everything (or at least all the major details) later. The meeting on the 17th will just be the tasking for the whole committee and maybe some minor adjustments.

    See you guys later! Take care!!! Have a great day!!!


    Can I join you in your meeting? We have to finalize our budget for this activity.

    Tina 11, can we have the final list of participants on the said date so we can prepare the cash projections? :)
  • tina11tina11 Member PExer
    ok, i'll PM and email the members about the teambuilding this afternoon... by monday siguro, we can have an idea of how many people are coming. :)

    kumpleto ba ang core group sa teambuilding? :|
  • rains_delightrains_delight Banned by Admin PExer
    Originally posted by tina11
    ok, i'll PM and email the members about the teambuilding this afternoon... by monday siguro, we can have an idea of how many people are coming. :)

    kumpleto ba ang core group sa teambuilding? :|

    Ill be on the 17th.

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