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Should I take another dose of ECP after 8-10 days I took the 1st and 2nd dose?

I know ECP prevents Implantation the most if you had sex during ovulation and fertilization happen ..
I noticed that fertilized egg doesn't die until your period,
or they dies 10-12 after they haven't implant ..
And ECP works for 10 days ..
Should I take another dose so I could be safe during 2 last days? ..
Emergency Contraceptive I took is 'Trust Pill' :):)


  • Pa help naman po, kinakabahan parin kasi ako.
    Nag sex po kami ng bf ko November 25 which is 3days before my ovulation, pero nagtake po ako ng lady trust pills after 16hours namin mag sex at 5pm on Nov 26, Then kinabukasan nag sex po kami ulit, nov 27 na 2days before my ovulation. pero I continue to take the pills at 5pm po. Until nov 28 at 5pm parin nagtake ako ng pills pero inistop ko dahil sobra po akong nahilo and nagsusuka. After 3days po nag bleed ako, which is Dec 1, Heavy Bleeding po siya hanggang Dec 7. Then dapat po Dec 15 magkakaroon ako base sa dating period calendar ko hindi po ako nag karoon. Concern ko po is possible parin ba akong mabuntis? Kasi ngayon po ambilis ko pong mahilo and masuka, and pabago bago mood ko. And lagi po sumasakit puson ko. Thanks sana po mahelp niyo ako. 

    And btw nagstop po pala ako ng pills simula nung aug normal naman na kasi period ko, and dati po akong may pcos. 
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