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Asian English Olympics 2016 (English Competitions, Binus University, Indonesia)


Asian English Olympics 2016 is coming soon (February 2016)
For High School and University Students
Bina Nusantara University (Bina Nusantara English Club) will hold, yet again, one of its biggest annual event, an English competition which covers 7 fields of categories; Debate, Newscasting, Speech, Storytelling, Scrabble and Spelling bee, Story writing . English Olympics is one of BNEC's most prestigious events. We have conducted this event since 2004, started from 6 years of Nation Wide English Olympics. Then it developed into 1 year of Southeast Asian English Olympics and lastly 3 years of Asian English Olympics with more than 500 participants from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Hong Kong.
BNEC has made a breakthrough with the competitions it held and created a new packaging of every field contended. Institutions participating will also be competing to achieve the title "Institutional Champion".
Next year, we will once again gather all students from all around Asia to compete and show their competence in The 2016 Asian English Olympics.
Coaching clinic
Coaching Clinic is a free seminar, where participants will be given training by experts in each field of competition who are invited by the committee. Coaching clinic will be held for the participants as a privilege to give them a training before the competition starts. Through Coaching clinic, we hope the participants can give maximum effort on the AEO. In addition, we also hope for participants who had never previously competed able to gain confidence and be able to compete with high potential in this Olympic.

Mr.Ernest Chen from Singapore was giving training in AEO 2015

Get ready for the most epic tournament in English Olympics! Debate competition in Asian English Olympics will provide platform for you to improve your skill in debating, speech and extraordinary experience with different style of debating from other countries.

The 2016 Asian English Olympics Speech competition is one of the platforms for you who want to improve your skill in public speaking and performing skill. Make sure you don’t miss this great chance to join us!

Want to be a professional news anchor? Join us in The 2016 Asian English Olympics Newscasting competition. Be the best news anchor, reporter or maybe presenter and got unforgettable experience.
The 2016 Asian English Olympics Story Telling competition is the best place for you to train your skill especially in creating original stories and also retelling stories. You can also learn public speaking and get many precious experiences from various coaches.

Are you rich in vocabularies? Good in pronunciation? Don’t hesitate to join our Spelling Bee competition. Challenge your speed and accuracy in spelling each word that we give and get the highest score. Here, you’ll play with knowledge, speed, teamwork, and a little bit of luck.

Put your words! Set the strategies, play the anagrams, make some bingos! The 2016 Asian English Olympics Scrabble competition needs people who are rich in vocabulary and have brilliant strategies. Set the words up, make some hooks and get the bonus scores. Note that we use the latest edition of the Collins Scrabble Wordlist 2012 (CSW12) in this tournament!

Time to challenge your writing skill! Write the most interesting story of your own with the prepared theme. Explore your potential in using the right structures, vocabularies, and unique style to create an extraordinary story!

Additional Event
Gala Dinner
As international competition, The 2015 AEO will provide a dinner to entertain the participants, judges and guests. Gala dinner will also be the last event which could include closing ceremony of The 2015 AEO. While Gala dinner, guests can enjoy food lung, can relax and to socialize with other people. Winners of all competitions were also announced at this session.

Final Day and Gala Dinner of AEO 2015

Here are some Documentations of Previous Asian English Olympic









we are as commitee will not be able to hold this event the without participation of you guys,
So for the better Asian English Olympic currently we are seeking for some feedback from you guys who have never joined aeo before.
what's your first impression about aeo ? do you have some suggestion or input for aeo ?
Give us your comment through this link
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Phone : +6282221331778
Email : [email protected]
Instagram : AsianEnglishOlympics
Facebook : AEO (Asian English Olympics)
Website : aeo.mybnec.org


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