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Question abt Balik Bayan box and other forms of importing goods for a small Business

Hi guys, just wanna ask you opinion.

Recently I am thinking of opening an online shop where people can order goods, specifically toys like Gundam kits and other hobby/collector toys, the problem is I have small idea in getting the goods from JP, I have a friend working in JP and he gave me a site where i can order the goods, but the thing is, in the site, they only deliver through-out Japan, but not in other countries. So i suggested to use a Balik Bayan Box so that the goods can be delivered here, but I recently learned that the sender should say the nature of the items, if it's personal , business etc.

My questions are:
1. Should we say that it's for business or not?

2. Is there any way my friend can send the goods in a legal way? If yes, how much will it cost?

3. If we add other items(like chocolate or shirts), would it satisfy the customs that the goods are not for business?

I really need your opinions and advice guys :3
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