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Ibogaine addiction treatment ([email protected])

We are researchers out to help drug addicts fight their addictions with an effective ibogain theraphy. We ensure the shipping of the drug to your location and also the day to day follow up of this therapy.It has been recognized as a drug that can vastly reduce the symptoms of drug withdrawals and may have the ability to interrupt pathways in the brain that have been conditioned to support a addiction. Large doses of ibogaine have been shown to temporarily eliminate substance-related cravings.
Ibogaine has benefits for treating addiction because of the way it acts on receptor systems. It has been found to reset the dopamine uptake pathways in the brain which then can help to stop conditioned responses to a drug. It is also believed that the drug changes habitual thought patterns and restores normal levels of neurochemistry. Additionally, the strong psychedelic qualities of the drug have benefits for individuals who have difficult psychological concerns that contribute to their drug abuse.

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