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Was Bruce Lee Really A Good Fighter or It Is Just A hox?

We All Know Who Bruce Lee is he is a good teacher of Martial arts but is he good enough in fighting like Chuck Norris..
The Negative Points to this Article :
1. He didn't have a lot a ton of experience taking punches to the face.
2. He rarely fought Unlike Chuck Norris
3. Most of his fights are poorly documented.
4. There are rules in the ring, not so much on the street.
5. He was an actor.

The in favor Points of Him Being a fighter
1. A ton of people who probably know what they're talking about say so.
2. He would do well if the fight was dirty.
3. Lee possessed the qualities a fighter needs.
4. He sparred and practiced on metal dummies.
5. He was incredibly good at blending martial arts.
6. He actually did fight people. And win.

he Was A good Fighter To Read the full article Here is the source : http://www.supercompressor.com/gear/was-bruce-lee-actually-good-at-fighting
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