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Honda CRV 2004 Problem

guyz help naman, no po ba usually ang problem pag hirap humatak lalo na pag pataas. automatic and CRV ko. thanks!!!


  • mcsteamy17
    mcsteamy17 una noche mas
    Honda CRV 2004... hmm, siguro nasa over 100-120,000kms na mileage niyan 'no?

    Is the D light blinking ? Probable cause of this may be dirty atf fluid. It may also be a faulty sensor No. 3 (which should be checked by a Honda service and replaced immediately). This will register as a code P0845 3rd clutch sensor switch. It might be the cause.

    Another cause...

    How often do you change atf (transmission oil change)? Ideally, it should be changed every 10,000kms or every two years. And what I know is if it is a Honda, you should use Honda ATF. Maselan daw kasi yan. Medyo mahal ang isang litro... nasa 600php/liter. Pero sure ka naman kasi it's Honda ATF for Honda transmission. Beware also, there are fake Honda ATF. You can buy the ATF at Honda then have it changed at the gasoline stations. They can easily clean the built-in atf filter also.

    ...aaahhhh... :dizzy:
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