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Would you like to get a chance to win 5000PHP while watching basketball and MotoGP?

Yes you read it right! You may get a chance to win 5000PHP or up to 30,000PHP while just watching and enjoying your favorite teams from PBA, NBA or Motogp!

I introduce to you The Betting Room by Game Empire PH.

You can place your bet to your favorite teams and get a chance to win cash prizes.


You may join our FB Group page by clicking the link The Betting Room for more details.

We have 4 types of stakes and the best part is you can have a chance to win on every quarter per game and they are as follows.

*Low stakes
250PHP bet

1st quarter - 1000
2nd quarter - 1000
3rd quarter - 2000
4th quarter - 5000

*Medium stakes
500PHP bet

1st quarter - 2000
2nd quarter - 2000
3rd quarter - 4000
4th quarter - 10,000

*High stakes
1000PHP bet

1st quarter - 5000
2nd quarter - 5000
3rd quarter - 10,000
4th quarter - 30,000

*Special Stakes
2000PHP bet
4th quarter only - Featured prize posted or equivalent cash price.

For more details please dont hesitate to contact us or give us a message.

Happy Betting!
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