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Sinong magaling sa GRAMMAR dito?

GuileGuile Symbian personified PExer
I guess everyone here knows the phrase:

"If it's happening in entertainment, it's happening on E."

Bakit yung word na ginamit before entertainment is "in" tapos yung before E is "on".

Ano bang difference nung noun na "E" tsaka nung noun na "entertainment" at kailangan pa nating gamitan ng "in" or "on" appropriately?


  • TheFlyTheFly wers da avatar? PExer
    In because it pertains to the entertainment field: If it's happening in (the field of) entertainment...

    On is usually used when referring to radio or television, such as "I heard it on the radio." or "I saw it on this TV channel." -- which is what E is.

    Tama ba? or am I begging the question.
  • GuileGuile Symbian personified PExer
    Hmmm... 42 views already and still only one reply. :(
  • tina11tina11 Member PExer
    thefly's answer is absolutely correct. *okay*

    you don't say "I saw this cool new video in MTV" right? you say "on MTV". :)

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