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Pinoy Pa Ba Si Lea Salonga?

kingking WWW.EUREKA.PH PExer
im not askin about her nationality, but her soul and identity. ive been thinking about this ever since she became the new FACE of BAYO. tingin ko kasi di na siya FILIPINO at HEART. i dunno if im right or wrong, pero i think she's living a different lifestyle totally unattached to the world we FILIPINOS are in.

any comments....


  • GaedrielGaedriel Servant of Heaven PExer
    yikes! i hate watching her interviews

    It makes me so mad to hear a Filipino who's been raised

    here and then speaks Tagalog with an accent

    It's so bizzare!! :cow:
    it's called 'adapting to one's environment'.
  • Mickey2000Mickey2000 TheFoodBlogger PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I love Lea and I admire her talent a lot.
    But well,some people think that she already disown her nationality,but then as you notice everytime that she had an interview ,kahit na may accent,she still try to speak tagalog,it means ayaw niyang kalimutan na Filipino pa rin siya,kesa naman yung ibang tao na trying hard mag-english at pilit kinakalimutan yung tagalog.
    For her lifestyles,you don't blame her,for being in another country for almost her whole life,anyway kahit naman anong award ang matanggap niya,she always represent our Country, actually she is one of the reason sometimes why I'm so proud to be a Filipino,and the whole world knows that she is a Filipino.
  • kingking WWW.EUREKA.PH PExer
    talaga lang. she appears more of a brit than pinoy to me.
    eh ano ba talaga, brit o kano?
  • |ostsou||ostsou| ~Pazuzu~ PExer
    Pag nasa ibang country, you try to adapt to their environment. Syempre ang gamit mo na ring salita pag nakikipag-usap yung colloquial language dun sa country na yun tapos para mas maintindihan ka ng mga kausap mong foreigners, iaadapt mo na ren yung accent nila. Ganun lang yun. Plus she practically lived most of her days in UK and America. Hindi naman sya yung tipong 2 months lang sa ibang bansa, pagbalik dito hindi na marunong magtagalog.

    She loves adobo. Regine Velasquez is her favorite female singer; and she uses words like "eklat, chuchu" so I guess Pilipinong pilipino pa den. Wala naman sa pagsasalita yun eh, nasa puso. Bakit si Martin Nievera, tagal-tagal nang namumuhay dito eh hindi pa den marunong magtagalog?
  • rains_delightrains_delight Banned by Admin PExer
    Yes, she is still a Filipino. English is her first language and she spent most of the time in the states. Apart from being the lead star in Miss Saigon and Les Miserable, she has been mingling with whites and have adapted the way these people speak.
  • kengkaykengkay just checkin' out PExer
    still filipino by heart and soul, she was grandted a citizenship from the US gov't a few years back but she refused to accept that, she opted to have a residency instead.
  • X0X0X0X0 one sweet azn babe PExer
    Originally posted by rains_delight
    Yes, she is still a Filipino. English is her first language and she spent most of the time in the states. Apart from being the lead star in Miss Saigon and Les Miserable, she has been mingling with whites and have adapted the way these people speak.

    It's good the she learned how to speak tagalog. I think this sets her apart from other Filipinos whose first language is also English but don't bother learning tagalog.
  • virgo14virgo14 Member PExer
    she may speak and act differently, but i don't that's proof enough to for us to conclude that she is less of a Filipino than any of us. like others have said, the fact that she at least tries to speak Filipino in her interview somewhat redeems her in my eyes. plus the fact that she still comes back every so often to stage these productions.

    kase ganon naman talaga, eh. to be able to really fit in in a foreigh country, you have to be able to speak their language their way. and it takes a while to switch accents, especially when one goes back and forth as often as she does.
  • SeCrEtOSeCrEtO [email protected] pa sindi nga nito.. PExer
    Pano sya magiging pinoy?? babae sya eh!! Pinay sya oy!!!
  • completenonsenscompletenonsens c0NfusEd PExer
    You're funny, secreto. :crazy:

    Lea Salonga may have been born in the Philippines, but she lived more than half of her 30 years abroad. That explains the accent, the twang. But if we look farther than that, we'll remember that everytime she performs on stage, everytime she does a project, she always carries with her the Pinoy flag. She's unabashedly Pinoy. Jose Rizal himself spoke fluently in Spanish, and a dozen other languages, but no one questions his nationality.
  • Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by SeCrEtO
    Pano sya magiging pinoy?? babae sya eh!! Pinay sya oy!!!

    Tama!!! :lol:
  • |ostsou||ostsou| ~Pazuzu~ PExer
    Nung pumutok dati yung Mt. Pinatubo saka during the Payatas tragedy, after her every performance, nagpapass sya ng hat sa audience para donations for the victims.
  • niDoniDo milk?! PExer
    ...if you think lea is americanized na!..superficial lang siguro...
    ...she's very much filipino pa rin..she still goes to mass on sundays sa St. Patrick's church in nyc..& sa mga auditions nya & commitments..naka-buntot pa rin nanay nya, odiba pilipinong pilipino..he he! :D
  • Mickey2000Mickey2000 TheFoodBlogger PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Si mommy lang yata ang na-americanized eh, dati name niya Ligaya,when they moved to US naging Joy na!:)

    Seriously speaking,another thing that proved that she is still a Filipino, she still live w/ her family knowing that she is old enough,plus the fact that usually for her concert, her brother is her Musical Director, oh di bah,sabi nga ni Erap,walang kamag-a-mag-anak?
  • alexis2000alexis2000 Banned by Admin PExer
    hellow.. hayaan nyo na nga yung twang ni lea... eh ang tagal naman nya tumira sa states noh,,,

    si ms reg nga sa bulacan lang tumatambay... pero daig pa ang twang ni madonna pag nag-e-english...

  • KiraraNegraKiraraNegra Banned by Admin PExer
    pati si Lea inaano niyo kung di na sha pilipino at heart di na sana sha bumabalik sa pinas at di na rin kumanta sa libing ni Tita Cory baka naman si Regine tinutukoy niyo sobrang liberated ang matandang feeling bata na yan...................
  • BAN-DIDABAN-DIDA Banned by Admin PExer
    bakit si shongbird at jericho may twang din naman bakit di nyo sila kinikwentyon?!!!


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