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The best siopao - mami/noodle soup combi?

sa akin, emerald garden and hap chan. tried to give ma mon luk two chances. di talaga eh.



  • BeerhandBop
    BeerhandBop I Am WHIP
    ^ ma mon luk is $hi7. (q ave.) you have to go to MA SU KI.

    greenhills may branch sya. and have their asado siopao with the mami.

    if you want bola bola,
    ling nam - the chinatown branch ONLY - all other branches are $hi7s.
    beef wanton noodle is their specialty.

    or go there sunday mornings for some congee/ lugaw.

    wtf a new username?
  • cuch
    cuch do i make you horny, baby?
    king dao pork spicy noodles and chicken pao in greenhills luk yuen
  • ka_deniz
    ka_deniz bagong buhay
    Depende kasi sa yan. Pero siyempre classic yung masuki. ang killer kasi sa masuki yung siopao sauce. You put it on everything. Sa siopao, siomai, saka mam. Nilalagay mo din sa ya tip, sa asado, sa wanton. Sa beef mo lang ata hindi nilalagay yun. So it ties everything together.

    Pero usually, sutil ako. nagbabaon ako. Mix and match.

    Ling nam's empress noodles and delicate pork and chicken bones soup stock goes best, not with their own siopao, but with the vegetable and pork filled shanghai fried siopao found in ongpin.

    Lan zhu lamien beef noodles goes best with siopao sold in the bakery baside them. for best results, dapat apat kayo kakain and get the giant siopao sold there. If you are.getting the knife shred noodles, try it with 3N's toasted siopao. the more substantial noodles deserve a more substantial siopao. If you ordered their cachang noodles, try it with the fried siopao.

    HowEver, mien san"s chachang goes best not with siopao but with their leeks steamed chicken and fried wanton in spycy sauce.

    Same with suzhu's taiwanese spicy beef nodle soup, it goes best not with siopao, but with dumplings. Try some kuchai dumplings, some pork and cabbage dumplings and spicy soysauce wanton. Try to mix and match by trying the dumplings steamed and pan fried.

    Another classic favorite is le.ching. However, make sure the siopao is steamed properly. Minsan dumating sa akin medyo kulang sa steaming. Go for their noodle feast or the one with pork tito.

    One modern classic is hap.chan's wonton noodle soup. Unbelievably good wontons. closest to hong kong street wonton noodle soup found in manila. I pair that with chicken feet, hakaw and century eggs. Hindi pwede siopao dito.
  • Wu
    Wu Voice of D People
    ka_deniz wrote: »
    the more substantial noodles deserve a more substantial siopao.

    Pertaining to Ling Nam, right? I have n't tried them yet -- will try them because of your recommendation.
  • ka_deniz
    ka_deniz bagong buhay
    Ling nam serves empress noodles. And their soup is pork and.chicken bones. They have delicate texture and.flavor. A heavy siopao will overpower the flavor of their mami. Ling nam should be.paired with shanghai fried siopa. Not only are these lightly stuffed, but also is not accompanied by sauce. Makakasira ang sauce in this instance.
  • ka_deniz
    ka_deniz bagong buhay
    Wu wrote: »
    Pertaining to Ling Nam, right? I have n't tried them yet -- will try them because of your recommendation.

    Nope, this one i was pertaining to lanzhu lamien's knife shred noodles. These noodles are.thick on one side. And the beef soup.has very strong flavor.
  • delano
    delano Mercy In You
    dami pila ng lanzhou and also madami ang serving, kaka busog. honestly i prefer vietnamese noodles, but i think, ok nga yung ling nam sa sta cruz.
  • cretinous00
    cretinous00 The sea! The sea!
    before, hong ning in cubao.
  • it's not quite the same but makimi and bola-bola siopao (and gallons of ice water) at the little store in little baguio used to be saturday morning hangover staple for me. ahhh. those were the days. musta na kaya yung dealer ng damo dun sa area? :lol:

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