I need ustet tips

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I want to be a Thomasian someday. Even though its too early for me to think about college stuff (I'm just about to take 9th Grade, and then 10th Grade next year plus 2 more years resulting from the k-12 curriculum)

I want to study in UST because I know for a fact that I can learn from such a prestigious Catholic school.

My current plan is to take up Architecture in UST. Do my best to ace my college life there and see where I go.

I am currently studying in our provincial Science High School, I am a consistent honor student, but I'm just in the range of 25th-35th honors. I get good grades (my grades in math usually range from 90-93, english is 92-96, science is 91-93). I have never experienced getting a failing grade of 84 below and my lowest grade so far in my high school and elementary life is 86. My problem is I'm scared of not being able to pass the USTET. I am not that confident in myself.

I have a few questions in mind about USTET and whether or not I am ready to take the exam when the time comes (hahaha I still have about 4 years)
-Do you have any tips and practices for doing well in USTET? (any tips for before, during and after taking the exam)
-Do you think I have what it takes to pass and make the cut?
-Is the exam relatively easy when you took it before?
-What is usually the coverage for the exam?

I need your help

-aspiring to be a future Thomasian

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