RICHARD GOMEZ : 31 Years in The Business of Show and Counting...

The story of us
By Lucy Gomez
(The Philippine Star)
May 17, 2015

I still do: Richard Gomez and his wife of 17 years Lucy Torres Gomez

Last Tuesday, April 28, Richard and I marked our 17th year together. Seventeen years. I still remember the first time I laid eyes on him: this tall, lanky man, in the movie Inday Bote, and then Blusang Itim, and all others after that. I was smitten. Twelve years old and in sixth grade, and I would cut out photos of him from movie magazines with names like Kislap, Moviestar, etc. that Daddy would allow us to buy every Sunday after church. I would slip them on the cover of my notebook protected with plastic. There was no chance for me to see him in person, all my classmates said. Why would any movie star ever land on the shores of Ormoc? “Oh, but I will see him, I will find him,” I’d happily giggle. “One day I will watch a concert and he will be a guest and I can have a photo with him” or “One day Bench will open in Cebu and he will cut the ribbon and I will see for myself if he is really cute.” There were all these possibilities.

Anyway. I remember the first time I saw him in person many years later, all of 18 years old, on the set of a TV commercial for Lux Shampoo. My parents had allowed me to do the ad, and I had said yes, not knowing who the leading man would be. The advertising agency was very secretive about that particular detail of the project, only going as far as saying he was a movie star, under code name “Boyet.” I almost fainted when I did find out Richard would be my leading man. And I thanked God I had the good sense to keep my hair long all those years. Who would have guessed it would lead me to my crush?

I saw him first through the crack of the door, very early in the morning. It was our first shooting day. We were in a beautiful white house with a high ceiling and a graceful staircase. The sunlight made it look really dreamy, like a set in some movie. It was the Russian Embassy then, I was told. I had a horrible bout with dysmenorrhea and I was seated on a sofa when he arrived. When I saw him the pain literally disappeared. Or maybe I just forgot about it; I cannot say for sure. Through that crack in the door there was this very tall man with strong shoulders and golden brown skin, chiseled features, hyper-real — the walking and talking version of all the photos I had collected for all of six years. He was in a cream-colored T-shirt, khaki shorts, a strand of tiny, light pink seed pearls hanging around his neck, so much more gwapo than I ever imagined him to be. I couldn’t breathe. And as I stared at him, frozen in time, I remember wondering how someone wearing pearls could still look so masculine. We were introduced formally, he said “Hi” and offered me half of the apple he was eating. “Where is Ormoc?” I remember him asking. I kept the seeds, as if they were precious jewels, and I know I still have those seeds in a white envelope somewhere in my treasure trove of mementos, labeled with the date. (The last time I saw them in my drawer years back the seeds had disintegrated into a fine powder.) I mumbled back a composed “Thank you,” my heart beating so fast I was afraid he could hear it. At lunch that day he sat beside me on the table and looked at my plate. He said the vegetables were good and I ate the carrots and the string beans without really tasting them. I never ate vegetables back then, but that day, on that table, I would have eaten a basket of okra or ampalaya and I wouldn’t care. He was this confident man, friendly but not overly so, self-assured, and unpredictable, gorgeous like anything, with a sinewy frame. And so we shot for a couple of days and it was all so strange and wonderful and almost unreal — all that all at once. Then I flew back to Cebu where I was studying, hair black as the night, apple seeds, photos and memories and all. Life went back to normal for the college student that I was.

There were times when I wouldn’t hear from him for months on end but suddenly on my birthday he would call. Or the phone would ring on the most ordinary of days, just to say hi. There were no mobile phones yet so it would always be through a landline. One day, he just showed up in my Lola’s house in Cebu, bringing with him a bunch of wild flowers wrapped in newspaper. I was used to getting all these grand floral arrangements from guys but here was this man who brought me flowers that were just brought from some flower vendor somewhere. It was all very raw and very kilig like that. Oh, and I remember how he always smelled so good — never of perfume, just baby cologne.

Time found us doing a series of shampoo ads, a total of eight from 1993-1997, and many phone calls, letters and some poems later, on my birthday in December of 1997, he came to Ormoc and proposed. We were in the balcony of our house in Carlota Hills and when the clock struck 12 he fished a ring from his shorts pocket and asked for my hand in marriage. I, too, was in a T-shirt and shorts, with a few other friends, all of us in house clothes. It wasn’t the kind of proposal I had envisioned as a girl dreaming of her own Prince Charming, but in hindsight I would not have had it any other way. And so that was that. Four months later, in a Randy Ortiz gown and lips painted in MAC Russian Red, wearing my engagement ring and the matching earrings he gave me, I walked down the aisle of Saints Peter and Paul Parish in Ormoc City into his arms, and into my forever. I was the first among my siblings to get married, and so Daddy was sobbing as he walked me down the aisle. I chose the instrumental theme from Love Affair (the version starring Annette Bening and Warren Beatty) as my wedding march, a floor–length veil covering me. My entourage was in powder blue and silver. Tita Mila Garces, who did my makeup for most of my Lux Shampoo ads, was also the one who fixed me up that day. The Mass was solemn and beautiful, the wedding reception fun and light, with lots of singing and dancing. Heny Sison made our beautiful cake, the topmost layer a fruitcake we were supposed to store and eat on the occasion of our first wedding anniversary. But we never got around to eating that cake because Mommy gave it away to someone who wanted it, not knowing it was reserved for one year later. We still laugh about it to this day.

The memory of it all makes me smile. And the lines from the song Got To Believe in Magic ring so true:

Got to believe in magic,

Tell me how two people find each other,

In a world that’s full of strangers.

Got to believe in magic

Something stronger than the moon above

‘Cause it’s magic when two people fall in love

When I am all of 85 and Richard is in his 90s, we will have a little ice cream shop and reminisce over the story of us. Happy anniversary, Honey. Know that ours is my favorite love story.


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    Cam Test: Richard, Dawn, and Bea in ‘The Love Affair’
    This generation’s movie queen Bea Alonzo is making a big comeback with the upcoming film “The Love Affair” under Star Cinema.

    Bea will star alongside Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta in this film, which will be helmed by Bea’s “Magkaribal” director Nuel Naval.

    Bea’s last movie was “She’s The One” with Dingdong Dantes, Enrique Gil, and Liza Soberano, shown in October 2013.

    Richard and Dawn last appeared in the 2014 box-office film “She’s Dating The Gangster” with Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.

    Watch these exclusive cam test videos of Richard, Dawn, and Bea for “The Love Affair.”
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    [#]TheLoveAffair[/#] [#]BeaAlonzo[/#] [#]RichardGomez[/#] [#]Soon[/#]
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    The Love Affair Cinema Trailer


    July 29, 2015 In Cinemas Nationwide!

    Your Love Music Video

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    Ni Ed de Leon
    July 19, 2015

    Dating sikat na aktor na nag-produce na nga ng sariling pelikula, nganga pa rin!

    Noong isang araw, may kausap kaming isang mahusay na aktres. Pero ang subject namin sa kuwentuhan ay isang actor na dati ay sikat na sikat, pero ngayon nga ay matagal nang naka-tengga ang career. Nag-produce na nga ng sarili niyang pelikula pero wala pa rin. Sabi nga namin maaaring ang dahilan ay dahil matanda na rin naman ang actor.

    Pero ang sagot niya sa amin, bakit si Richard Gomez, at 50 bida pa rin.

    Iyan nga siguro ang kaibahan ni Goma. Una, kung titingnan mo, hindi nagpabaya sa sarili niya si Goma. Masasabi nga sigurong he has advanced in age, pero tingnan mo naman ang hitsura niya kung ano. Hanggang ngayon pormang leading man pa rin.

    Siguro nga iba pa rin ang dating ni Goma, dahil habang tumatagal siya, lalo niyang napatunayan na hindi lang siya isang matinee idol, isa siyang tunay na actor. Tingnan naman ninyo, hanggang ngayon nananalo siya ng mga international acting awards. Hindi lahat nang sumikat na actor noong araw ay nakagagawa nang ganyan. Kaya magtataka pa ba tayo kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay sikat si Goma?

    Iyang buhay ng career ng mga artista, nakadepende rin naman kasi iyan kung papaano nila inaalagaan ang kanilang career. Depende na rin iyan kung papaano nila inaalagaan ang sarili nila. Ang unang puhunan ng mga artista ay ang kanilang hitsura at ang kanilang image na nabubuo sa isipan ng kanilang mga fans. Kung iyan ang mapapabayaan nila, wala na.

    Pero kung matalino ang isang artista, tatagal talaga sila hanggang sa kanilang pagtanda.
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    Richard, Dawn, at Bea may problema sa poster!
    Ni Nitz Miralles
    (Pilipino Star Ngayon)
    July 22, 2015

    Nasa Geneva sa Switzerland si Richard Gomez kasama ang misis niyang si Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez at anak nilang si Juliana Gomez. Kung tama ang basa namin sa hashtag ni Goma, kaya siya pumunta sa Geneva ay para sa Omega Crelebrity Pro Am Golf. Hindi nito nabanggit kung sasali siya sa golf tournament o manonood lang.

    Samantala, naurong pala sa August 12 ang showing ng The Love Affair, ang Star Cinema movie na tinatampukan nina Richard, Bea Alonzo, at Dawn Zulueta, kaya naurong din ang presscon. Next week, tuloy na ang presscon ng movie na isyu sa ilang fans nina Richard at Dawn ang poster.

    Sa poster, nauna ang picture ni Dawn, pero pangalan ni Richard ang nakalagay at nasa gitna ang picture ni Richard, pero pangalan ni Dawn ang nakalagay. Ginawa ito dahil hindi maganda kung mauuna ang picture ni Richard tapos magkasunod ang picture nina Dawn at Bea, eh si Richard ang pinag-aagawan ng dalawang babae at hindi si Dawn.
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    Richard at Lucy pinakita sa anak kung saan sila nag-honeymoon
    Ni Nora Calderon
    July 26, 2015

    Nakabalik na from Switzerland si Richard Gomez at ang asawang si Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez and daughter Juliana. Nag-join si Richard ng Omega Celebrity ProAm Golf Tournament doon. Kung hindi lamang sila may mga commitments dito, hindi pa siguro sila babalik. Kailangan kasing mag-attend si Rep. Lucy ng last State of the Nation Address (SONA) ni President Benigno Aquino III tomorrow, July 27, na tiyak ay escort niya si Richard. At kinagabihan si Richard naman ay nasa press conference ng bago niyang movie with Dawn Zulueta at Bea Alonzo for Star Cinema, ang The Love Affair na showing na sa August 12.

    Pero bago bumalik ng bansa, nag-post si Richard sa kanyang Instagram (IG) account ng picture nilang mag-anak na kuha sa Crans Montana with a caption na: “We spent our honeymoon in Crans Montana 17 years ago and now we’re back to show @gomezjuliana how beautiful it is here.” May isa pa siyang picture na kuha sa Crans na may caption na “we are leaving this amazing, charming and breathtaking place. We shall be back soon Crans Montana. The place looks like you’re in Christmas town at night.”
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    Ni Nitz Miralles
    (Pilipino Star Ngayon)
    July 25, 2015

    Arnel Pineda binigyan ng bagong hagod ang Your Love

    Si Arnel Pineda ang kumanta ng theme song ng Star Cinema movie na The Love Affair na Your Love at original ng bandang Alamid. Ang husay ng pagkakanta ni Arnel at talagang bagay sa mga eksena ng pelikula na showing sa August 12.

    Sa August 11 ang premiere night ng movie na matagal nang hinihintay ng fans nina Richard Gomez at Dawn Zulueta. Mas na-excite pa ang fans dahil kay Bea Alonzo.
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    Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta series pushes through
    By Joyce Jimenez (
    July 29, 2015

    Richard Gomez confirmed that his TV series with Dawn Zulueta in ABS-CBN will push through.

    MANILA, Philippines — Richard Gomez confirmed that his TV series with Dawn Zulueta will push through.

    "Tinapos lang namin ang movie na 'to. 'You're My Home' ang working title," he said about their upcoming show, during the press conference of their film "The Love Affair" on Monday.

    In this film, they're husband and wife where Patricia (Zulueta) cheated on Vince (Gomez), causing their marriage to fall apart. Also part of the film is Bea Alonzo who played the role of Adie, Vince's lawyer and the new girl who he'll fall in love with

    Richard is happy for the warm support of the people to his team up with Dawn, especially from the younger generation.

    The two gained a following from the younger generation when they starred in the ABS-CBN primetime series "Walang Hanggan" in 2012. This also starred Coco Martin and Julia Montes.

    Next year, they'll be celebrating their 25th year as a love team.

    "Actually ngayon ko lang na-realize na gano'n na pala katagal 'yong samahan namin ni Dawn as love team," he said about their team-up.

    "We're happy that gano'n pa rin 'yong support ng tao sa amin," he added.

    "The Love Affair" is produced by Star Cinema and will be in cinemas on August 12.
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    Richard tinuhog sina Dawn at Bea
    Ni Emy Abuan Bautista
    July 30, 2015

    Nang tanungin si Richard Gomez kung ano ang nararamdaman sa maiinit na eksena nila ni Dawn Zulueta ay hindi lang ito nailang kundi na-excite pa. Mag-asawa naman ang role ng dalawa sa The Love Affair ng Star Cinema kaya walang problema kung meron man silang mga lampungan.

    Para maging makatotohanan ang eksena ay nag-usap mabuti ang director at si Chard at wala namang naging problema kay Dawn at sa asawa nito.

    Natutuwa ang aktor dahil magkaka*trabaho uli sila ni Dawn kung saan pagkatapos ng The Love Affair ay gagawa naman sila ng teleserye.

    Sa kabilang banda, nag-enjoy din si Chard na makatrabaho si Bea Alonzo kung saan may love scene din sila.

    ‘‘Noong una nahiya ako pero na-realize namin na family drama ito kaya maturity ang pag-atake namin sa role,” sabi ni Goma.

    Palabas na ang The Love Affair sa Agosto 12 sa direksyon ni Nuel Naval.
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    By Nathalie Tomada
    (The Philippine Star)
    July 30, 2015

    MANILA, Philippines - Bea Alonzo has held her own and proven her worth in movies and teleseryes, but she still felt nervous acting alongside Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta in the Star Cinema film The Love Affair.

    “Of course, I felt nervous (acting with them), but the good thing was they were very approachable and they didn’t treat me like I was the younger actress, but equally just like how they treated everyone else. And maganda yung collaboration namin, we talked about our characters… They are very generous actors,” Bea said in a presscon last Monday at the Dolphy Theater for the Nuel Naval-directed family drama that premieres on Aug. 12.

    The 27-year-old Bea was all praises for both Richard and Dawn as persons, not just as co-stars.

    “Si Kuya Goma (Richard’s nickname), he always makes us laugh on the set, he’s not serious… he’s not serious in life!” said Bea, although she quickly corrected herself, when her answer drew laughs from the audience. “Let me rephrase that (laughs). He’s just enjoying life, he’s happy with his life. That’s the one thing I don’t like about myself — sometimes, I get too serious about life that I don’t get to enjoy life anymore. That’s what I like about his personality, na-inspire ako sa pagiging ganun niya. And he has done a lot in his life, he’s not just acting, he’s also into sports, he loves music, plays instruments, he plays the guitar, and now he wants to learn to play the violin. I told him, how are you able to do all these things? So, I’m really impressed by him.”

    As for Dawn, Bea unabashedly confessed, “I’m a fan of her.”

    “We can all see how beautiful she is, and I always tell her that. Si Ms. Dawn, she’s very graceful in everything that she does, she’s such a good actress… I admire how she handles her personal life and her career. I want to be like her someday.”

    Bea portrays a young lawyer who will come in between Richard and Dawn who play a married couple. Her character, who is “in pain and broken” after being cheated on by a fiancé, finds solace in Richard whose character is also enmeshed in the same situation. As they say, misery loves company.

    The Love Affair, as its trailer teases, explores the cycle of hurt in relationships: You know, if you’ve been hurt, does it give you the right to hurt back?

    Bea weighed in, “For me, no. What kind of relationship do you have, if nag-gagantihan kayong dalawa. You get hurt, but you shouldn’t hurt back. Because for me that pain should teach you to be a better person, and if you hurt that person the same way he hurt you, then you are no better from that person.”

    The Love Affair features scenes wherein Bea is seen sailing with the character of Richard, who in real life, is a man of various sports, from fencing, volleyball to sailing, even representing the country in some international competitions.

    According to Bea, “This is really the most physically and emotionally challenging film that I’ve ever done because I’m not athletic, I’m not sporty. Sailing requires two things: You have to be alert, you have to be fit.”

    The filming underwent hiccups because Bea suffered a few mishaps in the course of learning how to sail. During the 10-day training, the sailboat capsized twice. In the first instance, she landed on the steel portion of the boat that she had bruises and was rushed to the ER. The second time around, she hit her head and was brought again to the ER, “but I guess I’m really accident-prone (laughs), because it didn’t happen to my companions.”

    It was smooth sailing after, with Richard giving her good marks. “(Ten days of training) was more than enough, actually. One time I told her, you run the boat while I sleep,” Richard recalled.

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    Richard & Dawn keep ‘loveteam’ alive with movie, soap
    By Nathalie Tomada
    (The Philippine Star)
    July 30, 2015

    Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta reunite on the big screen for Star Cinema’s The Love Affair, playing a married couple in crisis — Photos by ALLAN SANCON

    MANILA, Philippines - Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta show that they’re one of the most enduring showbiz team-ups around as they are reunited in Star Cinema’s The Love Affair, playing a married couple in crisis.

    Departing somewhat from the trend of infidelity-themed plots, based on the movie trailer, you will understand that it is the wife who commits the cheating first, rocking the characters’ marriage of more than 20 years.

    There’s a heated confrontation between Richard and Dawn that drew not a few gasps when the full trailer was unveiled in a presscon last Monday. The scene courted extra attention maybe because of their history as former real-life sweethearts, and the fact that both are now happily married to other people (Richard to Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez and Dawn to Rep. Anton Lagdameo).

    According to Dawn, she didn’t have any reservations in carrying it out. “None for me. As long as I understand the scene and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing and I believe in a scene, why it is needed, then I’ll do it.”

    She continued, “As an actor, you usually take everything in context, and you have to understand what the scene is really all about. Of course, you as an audience watching it on a trailer, you don’t understand what’s happening in the scene, and you only see that part, and it shocks you. But you read the script the way we read it as actors, and you understand where it’s coming from, what was the scene prior to this, and where is it going, you begin to appreciate what happened to the characters, bakit sila nagkaganun. So, it didn’t really need much convincing.”

    Richard, on his part, had to discuss every aspect of the scene with director Nuel Naval.

    “Honestly, I really talked with direk kung papaano gagawin (yun) with Dawn. And then, I asked Dawn because of course, it’s very sensitive, that part of the body of Dawn, and of course, it’s up to her to explain to her husband. Kami naman, we are actors doing our scenes together, I guess napag-usapan nila yun,” said Richard.

    “What’s so difficult to understand is that, as if we were doing it in a torrid love scene, no, galit kami, galit siya,” Dawn added.

    There’s another intense scene in the film that involved Dawn and co-star Bea Alonzo, who forms part of the film’s central love triangle. “I only had one scene with Bea, unfortunately. But that one whole night we shot the scene together, natuwa naman ako sa kanya kasi she’s such a dedicated actress. I can understand what it feels like to be in her shoes because once upon a time, I was the younger actress who was working with the senior stars. Ako kasi, I like to help the younger ones get involved and get comfortable because I’m working at getting the scene real.

    “The scene we shot was very intense, so while we were doing the blocking, I just wanted her to feel that we’re already in this together. And she was game! And I like that about her. I hope this is not the last time that I work with her. She’s really a competent actress and she’s going to reach much farther than where she is now. I hope I will still be there along the way and work on more projects with her.”

    Meanwhile, Richard and Dawn always get to be asked about their shared past, and The Love Affair presscon was no different. While the question may cause discomfort for some stars, there’s obviously no awkwardness between the two and they freely crack jokes about it.

    When asked what if they had ended up together, Dawn said that their loveteam would no longer have existed. “Wala na sigurong loveteam. Maybe no excitement, no spark,” Dawn said.

    “It’s better off this way,” Richard quipped.

    In essaying their characters though, the co-stars drew some motivation from past relationships and experiences, whether good and bad.

    Richard said, “You have to learn to understand and forgive yourself and also the people who have hurt you before, but all those memories, maybe you don’t have to forget them, especially for us actors, we try to keep (the memories), as these can be tools you can use in your acting. Whether painful or happy, we still have it with us, we keep it.”

    He added, “With our craft, it’s very important to relate and go back to past experiences, to your memories, (and) as a matured couple in the movie, karamihan dun, nangyayari sa buhay mo.”

    Dawn said that for her role, she also had to dig deep into present and past experiences, as well as the lessons that came with them.

    “I had to dig deep into my life as a wife, also some of it in the past. We’re like mixing different kinds of motivations, things that have been experienced in the past and in the present. So, yeah, yung dynamics kasi ng married couple, I understand it now, maybe not completely, but a lot of it, and I was able to use it in the portrayal.”

    She further reflected, “The experiences throughout your life, they keep changing. What we know today, we didn’t know back then, but still you’re learning. However, when you look back at the past, had I only known what I know today, I could have done better before, but then there’s no point also in regret, right? So what you try to do is, in the present you make the best out of every lesson that you learned or try to identify (the lesson) when there are new problems that come along: What can I learn from this, how will I come out of this? Am I going to be a better person or am I going to be worse? That’s the truth that we all bring with us, I think, that in our lives we’re always learning, hopefully, getting better as we go along.”

    Both Richard and Dawn were also asked what makes their tandem click. They first partnered more than two decades ago, starring together in several box-office hits in the ‘90s. Their team-up was revived on the ABS-CBN drama series Walang Hanggan in 2012 and it led to subsequent projects, including this film The Love Affair and an upcoming soap opera tentatively titled You’re My Home.

    Dawn said she finds it hard to believe that their tandem continues to enjoy patronage. “I really consider ourselves very fortunate. As a loveteam, we want to give our audience what they’re looking for, at the same time, it also has to fit our age.”

    Richard believes that their team-up still works, even if they are married and have their own families, because they “keep the fantasy alive.”

    “The reason maybe is we keep the fantasy alive in the minds of viewers. We have fans who are children of our fans before. And siguro (because of) the fact that, we look good together on screen, maganda (siya), ako…” Richard quipped.

    Speaking of still looking good onscreen, Dawn in particular truly remains one of the most beautiful actresses in Philippine cinema.

    She, nevertheless, said, “You just don’t know it, but I find it hard to maintain. Well, (I credit it to) healthy living and I think it helps that I still have young kids. I have a boy that’s turning 10 and a girl that just turned six. I have to be energetic for them. Even if I’m already 46 years old, I try to have activities where I spend time with them. Even when it comes to music, sinasakyan ko yung music nila. We cannot have a generation gap. All these things, all these efforts I put into (motherhood) maybe help in my countenance, because I already have crow’s feet and white hair, so maybe sa outlook nalang natin sa buhay. I need to stay positive because I’m raising children.”

    (Directed by Nuel Naval, The Love Affair opens in cinemas nationwide on Aug. 12.)
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    The power of three in ‘The Love Affair’
    Manila Times
    August 1, 2015

    Dawn Zulueta, Richard Gomez and Bea Alonzo is the powerful acting triumvirate in Star Cinema’s biggest romantic drama production for the year, The Love Affair.

    Directed by Nuel Naval, from a story and screenplay by Vanessa Valdez, The Love Affair tells the story of three different individuals with love as the unifying element that binds them together. One is Patricia (Dawn), a wife seeking forgiveness after committing the biggest mistake of her life. The other is Vince (Richard), a man who yearns to be the best husband and provider he could be, yet is confronted to make the most crucial decision in his life. And then there is Adie (Bea), an emotionally broken woman who is searching for happiness after a failed relationship. The lives of Patricia, Vince and Adie will all meet at a crossroads that will force them to face the ultimate sources of their pain.

    It should be noted that The Love Affair marks not only the directorial debut of Naval under Star Cinema, as it is also the very first big screen collaboration of Dawn, Richard and Bea.

    Dawn and Richard’s love team is one of the most celebrated and enduring tandems in the history of the industry. Their fans are comprised of an eclectic demographic that cuts across different generations—from their ‘90s fans to a younger fan base as evident from the success of their recent projects namely the phenomenally top-rating Walang Hanggan, and the box office hit She’s Dating the Gangster.

    Bea on the other hand is both a movie and box office queen of her generation, and regarded by the Filipino audience as the perennial heroine from the sustained success of her films, among them One More Chance (2007) and The Mistress (2012). The Love Affair is Bea’s first full-length movie since appearing in the commercially successful and critically acclaimed films Four Sisters and a Wedding and She’s the One, both in 2013.

    The Love Affair will open in cinemas nationwide on August 12.
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    How Dawn, Richard feel about romantic scenes now
    Posted at 08/03/2015 4:50 PM


    MANILA – Former real-life couple Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez no longer get conscious whenever they have romantic scenes together.

    In an interview with Amy Perez on “Umagang Kay Ganda” on Monday, Zulueta said she and Gomez have become good friends through the years.

    “Pinagtatawanan namin. 'Yung mga eksena na [may lines na], ‘Mahal pa rin kita.’ Hindi nga? Mga ganun. Pinagtatawanan na lang namin ang mga eksena na sobrang seryoso,” she said.

    Zulueta said they are very comfortable working with each other that they get to pick on each other while on set.

    “Hindi naman kami nag-aasaran pero nagkukulitan kami. Between he and I kasi, walang pikon. Ganun pa rin siya, walang pinagbago. Pareho lang naman kaming playful. Madalas kino-comedy lang namin muna ang eksena,” she explained.

    Their team-up has been dubbed in showbiz circles as "the eternal love team of all time," since it was launched in the '90s romantic drama “Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit.”

    While they now have separate private lives, their team-up has maintained a strong fan base that they reunited in the 2013 series "Walang Hanggan."

    Following the series, Zulueta and Gomez are now set to headline the Star Cinema movie “The Love Affair.”

    Asked for the secret to their love team, Zulueta said: “Hindi ko nga alam. Kasi ngayon lang naman parang nabuhay ulit. Nakakatawa nga kasi nung '90s naman kami nag-umpisa pero ngayon kasi may bago na kaming fan base, 'yung mga mas bata. I think sila na 'yung mga anak ng mga kahenerasyon natin.”

    On “The Love Affair,” Zulueta and Gomez play a married couple who are undergoing challenges in their relationship.

    Set to be released in theaters nationwide on August 12, the movie also stars Bea Alonzo.
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    What's the secret to Dawn-Richard love team?
    Posted at 08/09/2015 7:19 PM

    MANILA – Richard Gomez never imagined that fans would still accept his on-screen romance with former real-life girlfriend Dawn Zulueta.

    Since their love team dates back to the early '90s, both Gomez and Zulueta are overwhelmed by the fact that they gained an even larger following many years after they did the movie “Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit.”


    Speaking with Boy Abunda for “The Bottomline” which aired on Saturday, the two said they find it interesting and funny that their tandem is in the running with those of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, and James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

    “I think we also deliver a different flavor naman as far as love teams are concerned. At least meron naman silang mature version,” Zulueta said.

    “When we play a part, the audience is coming along joining the ride with us. Siguro in their minds, they know that we have a past, there’s a history, siguro mas madali para sa kanila i-imagine na it’s real. Ang hirap ipaliwanag,” Zulueta said of their love team's appeal.

    Gomez, on the other hand, credits the role of television for the continued success of their love team.


    “Siguro it’s a power of media, television, Cinema One na until now, they see ‘Hihintayin Kita sa Langit.’ Doon pa rin nagko-continue ang thinking nila,” he said.

    Considered as one of the most sought-after tandems in the '90s, Gomez and Zulueta reunited on screen in the series "Walang Hanggan," which concluded in October 2012.

    The two will star in the upcoming Star Cinema movie “The Love Affair,” which opens on Wednesday.

    Asked why people should watch their movie, Zulueta said: “It’s a family drama. It’s for a mature audience. It’s a very now kind of story, what happens in marriage of a couple that is already in their midlife.”

    As for Gomez, he said people can relate to the movie.


    “There’s a big possibility na when you see this movie, you will see yourself in it. One way or another, your personality as an audience, sasabihin mo, ‘Buhay ko ito, nangyayari iyan sa akin ngayon.’ You can really relate to it,” he said.
  • crystalblastcrystalblast Member PExer
    Ni Boy Abunda
    (The Philippine Star)
    August 7, 2015

    Richard hinding-hindi malilimutan ang nakaraan nila ni Dawn

    Hindi raw inakala ni Richard Gomez na muli silang magkakatambal at magbibida sa isang proyekto ni Dawn Zulueta. Matatandaang pumatok ang tambalan ng dalawa noong dekada ‘90s. Sa Miyerkules ay palabas na sa mga sinehan ang pelikulang The Love Affair kung saan kasama rin nina Richard at Dawn si Bea Alonzo. “I think the reason that the two of us are doing very well is because I think we keep the fantasy alive sa utak ng mga viewers namin. And most of all our fans are mga anak ng fans namin from before. Siguro we look good together on screen,” pahayag ni Richard.

    Naging magkasintahan ang aktor at si Dawn noon at marami raw natutunan si Richard mula sa naging relasyon nila ng aktres. “Siguro isa ‘yung dapat matuto akong maging seryoso sa buhay. You have to learn how to understand and forgive yourself and also the people that have hurt you before. Pero ‘yung mga memories na ‘yun, ‘yung mga experiences na ‘yun dapat hindi mo rin kinakalimutan. Lalo na sa aming mga artista, we try to keep that inside a cabinet para ‘yun ‘yung mga tools na nagagamit namin sa acting. And masakit man or masaya, we still have it with us. We keep it,” pagbabahagi ng aktor.

    Hinding-hindi malilimutan ni Richard si Dawn dahil nasa aktres daw ang mga katangiang hinahanap ng lalaki sa isang babae. “Maraming qualities si Dawn na wala dun sa ibang nakarelasyon ko. Of course given ‘yung fact na maganda siya, maganda siyang tingnan, sexy siya, maganda siya mag-isip. She’s very intelligent, physically she’s very sexy, mentally she’s very smart. And as an actress magaling talaga, top of the line,” giit ni Richard.

    Reports from JAMES C. CANTOS
  • crystalblastcrystalblast Member PExer
    Goma ayaw payagang makipag-date ang anak na si Juliana
    Ni Ed de Leon
    August 8, 2015

    “Bata pa naman siya para makipag-date. She’s only 14. Mahabang panahon pa ang mayroon para niya isipin ang mga bagay na iyan. Sa ngayon dapat ang inaasikaso niya ay ang pag-aaral lang niya,” ganoon kadiretso kung sabihin ni Richard Gomez na hindi pa niya pinapayagan na makapag-date ang kanyang anak na si Juliana.

    “Sa ngayon naman mukhang hindi pa rin niya naiisip iyan dahil enjoy naman siya sa kanyang buhay,” dagdag pa ni Goma.

    Mukha ngang enjoy naman si Juliana dahil bukod sa kanyang pag-aaral, nagmo-model na rin naman siya at involved din sa sports. Of course, dahil nag-iisa ngang anak, enjoy siya sa atensiyon ng kanyang mga magulang. Ang maganda nga lang kina Goma at Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez, kahit na sabihin mong masyado rin silang busy, lagi silang nagbibigay ng panahon sa kanilang anak.

    Gusto pa nila ng isang anak, at pinagsisikapan nilang makabuo. Iyan ay isang bagay na nabanggit din naman ni Goma noong nagsisimula pa lang sila ni Dawn Zulueta ng promo para sa pelikula nilang The Love Affair. Sinabi ni Goma na decided sila ng asawang si Lucy na magkaroon ng isa pang anak, and they are really trying. Pero siguro nga hindi pa dumarating ang tamang panahon.

    At age 14, dapat naman talaga ay may kasunod na si Juliana. Kahit na hindi naman nagpa-family planning, wala siguro sila talagang quality time kaya hindi sila nagkaroon agad ng isa pang anak. Pero hindi pa naman late. Possible pa naman iyon.

    Pero lagi ngang sinasabi ni Goma kung may nagbibirong hindi magtatagal ay siguradong may maglalakas na ng loob na manligaw kay Juliana, dahil maganda naman talaga iyong bata, “iyan ang magiging sakit ng ulo ko”. Natural naman yata sa mga tatay na ayaw maligawan agad ang kanilang anak.
  • crystalblastcrystalblast Member PExer

    The Love Affair naka-B

    Graded B ng Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) ang pelikulang The Love Affair na pinagbibidahan nina Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, and Bea Alonzo na palabas na sa mga sinehan simula ngayong araw.

    Ayon sa ilang nakapanood na ng pelikula, ang gagaling daw ng tatlong bida. Wala ka raw itulak kabigin sa kanila.
  • crystalblastcrystalblast Member PExer
    ‘The Love Affair’ more than a film on infidelity
    (The Freeman)
    August 12, 2015

    CEBU, Philippines – After milking dry the “other woman” narrative, screenwriters are now turning the tables by letting the married woman do the cheating this time around.

    On TV, there’s “My Faithful Husband,” where ambitious wife goes behind doting husband’s back when her ex reappears. On the big screen, a 24-year marriage is shattered in “The Love Affair” when wife does the deed with hubby’s best friend, of all people.

    But Bea Alonzo, star of the newest Star Cinema drama “The Love Affair,” made sure to clarify that the film “isn’t another mistress movie.”

    “It’s about love, forgiveness and one’s quest for happiness,” says Bea during the movie’s Cebu press conference at the Radisson Blu Hotel, before she and co-stars Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta met fans at SM City Cebu.

    The 27-year-old fixture of big screen complicated romances plays here a lawyer named Adie, who is nursing a bad breakup with the guy she was all set to marry (played by Tom Rodriguez). She meets Vince (Richard Gomez), who himself is still reeling from the betrayal of his wife of 24 years named Patricia (Dawn Zulueta). As Patricia implores for her husband’s forgiveness, Vince and Adie bond over their shared heartbreak, and are even more drawn to each other with their common hobby of sailing.

    For her part, a radiant-looking Dawn described “The Love Affair” as a tale of “three individuals who meet a crossroads in their lives.”

    “How they face these challenges is what viewers should watch out for,” adds Dawn, 46. “I think a moviegoer can relate to at least one of the characters. Richard and I are married here, so you will see the dynamics of what goes on in a marriage. Those who are single, on the other hand, will be able to relate to the character of Bea.”

    Bea shares that her sailing scenes with the athletic Richard was particularly challenging, since a typhoon struck during filming.

    “The wind was so strong, but we had to go on with the shooting and complete the job,” Bea explains. “The emotional scenes were also a challenge, especially that the story does not have an explicit protagonist. There’s no black and white character; they’re all grey. Each character is going through something. Each character made a mistake. The lessons they will learn from these mistakes is what viewers should watch out for.”

    Political spouses

    Dawn and Richard, whose popular tandem has been resurrected of late through a hit soap opera and a film cameo, shrug off queries that their on-cam chemistry might ignite jealousy among their respective spouses.

    “My husband trusts me when it comes to the projects I choose. All I had to do was tell him that these were the things required of my character. He also knows that I set limits when needed,” says Dawn, who shares two kids with Davao del Norte Congressman Anton Lagdameo Jr.

    Same thing with Richard, who says wife Lucy Torres-Gomez “understands my work, and I even talk to her about the scenes I did.”

    Dawn credits open communication for keeping her marriage intact, a practice she recommends to other couples.

    The actress quips, “Be honest. When you’re in a marriage, it’s very important that you communicate about everything that each of you are going through – with your work, your dreams, how we want to raise the kids and what they are going through. Tendency is, if both of you are very busy, there’s no longer time for conversations. Now, we always discuss how we will rear the kids, since it should depend on their characters. So yes, communication is the key.”

    Both married to politicos, Dawn and Richard says their spouses’ line of work gives them a wider perspective, beyond the trappings of their glamorous industry.

    “My work alone is very public,” says Dawn. “Politics is more so, very public. But since politics is service to the people, I feel that is a very good position for me to be in [being a politico’s spouse] because I think it’s good for us celebrities to be exposed to that side of society every now and then. It gives me a wider view of our world. It’s good for me to meet the people in the provinces, learn their needs, hopes and expectations. My showbiz world is full of make-believe and kababawan, so I enjoy touching base with reality when I go to the province with my husband and personally meet the people.”

    On the other hand, Lucy (Leyte’s fourth district representative) had Richard as her chief-of-staff at the onset of her political career, and this opened the actor’s eyes to the huge responsibilities of public officials.

    “I had to help her prepare for her day-to-day work. It took a toll on my work, so I stopped being her chief of staff and became her district planning officer instead which wasn’t as intensive,” says Richard.

    Directed by Nuel Naval, “The Love Affair” unfolds in cinemas nationwide beginning today. – VAB

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