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June 22, Puerto Princesa Palawan (A more meaningful journey) - AN INVITE

Wow, it was good looking back and no we are entering our 5th year!

(source: https://www.facebook.com/geraldine.i...9131314&type=3)

I would like to thank everyone for making things happen. Now I am busy again preparing for year 5 of our HAPPINESS PROJECT.

What : PC for public school project
When : June 22, 2015
Where : Maranan Elementary School, Narra, Palawan

Let me know if interested in joining this awesome experience! Have a beautiful life!




  • A preview of what we accomplished from year 1- year 4. And yeah, now we are on our 5th year ;)

    Year 1 (Nov, 2011): A gift-giving project for the community of Sitio Bulacan (Capas, Tarlac)

    Year 2 (June 2012) : Mano po, lolo. Mano po, lola (Bataan)

    Year 3 (June 2013) : A Back to School Outreach Program (Dumaguete)


    Year 4 (June 2013) : Homes restored, hopes restored (Kalibo)
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