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need help in buying 2nd hand car

first time to buy a car. i can only afford to buy a second hand one. budget is around 260k. i was leaning on a toyota vios or a honda city. need inputs on which one would be a better buy in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance, etc... thanks.


  • K.I.L.L.
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    They're both pretty much the same. Just depends on the condition you get them.
  • Jaywalker
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    How long do you intend to keep the car? The honda will probably hold its value longer given the fact that they're not made into taxi cabs. A few years from now, the market will be saturated with vioses (that's the plural form of vios, i reckon) that once saw life as a taxi.

    In terms of reliability and parts, it's easier to find parts for the vios because they're so common but it's not that difficult to find parts for the city either. they're both reliable cars. It comes down to which car you like better and depreciation
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  • go with honda. hindi sirain.
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