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Creme Brulee Cake by Camille Ocampo

Yinn SuperMember
Have you tasted it? Any feedbacks?

I wanna try it, but Valle Verde is quite far from my place.. I want to know if it's worth the 2 hours drive just to get the cake from Camille Ocampo's commissary.



  • di ko siya gusto, may kulang sa kanya, pero opinion ko lang naman yan. meron rin ata sa Torch restaurant, siya rin ata supplier though di ako sure.
  • Yinn
    Yinn SuperMember
    Hi quinone, thanks for your feedback.

    I ordered two creme brulee cakes for father's day this coming june 21, will give feedbacks here, I hope it won't be a disappointment to our taste.
  • illumina
    illumina L'enfer, c'est les autres
    How was it, Yinn?

    The original is the late Ed Quimson's San Marcos cake, which she learned to make while she worked with him. That is still the most unforgettable cake I've ever had, when I tried it in Splendido Tagaytay. Valle Verde seems closer than Splendido, so I had thought about ordering the cakes from Ocampo.
  • Exgirlfriend
    Exgirlfriend I am Supah baby!
    I think that's the same cake they're serving at Torch Restaurant in Greenhills.

    I bought a slice... and meeehhh.

    The thick creme in between the two sponge layers = nothing special. It's just whipped nestle cream.

    Mango Bravo of Conti's is a lot lot lot better.
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