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St. Marc Cafe

Went here by accident the other day while looking for coffee and ended up buying their limited edition White Choco Cro (croissant with white chocolate filling), and it's really awesome! Haven't tried the plain Choco Cro yet or the equally best-selling Egg Salsa or their coffee which looks delicious as well, but I did try the butter danish which was also good.

Best of all, the prices are relatively affordable. Their best selling Choco Cros are only 55 pesos. It gets pricier the more elaborate it gets but still, it's pretty decent by Japanese import standards :D


  • illumina
    illumina L'enfer, c'est les autres
    Tastes like margarine and butter flavoring. :ayaw: The chococros are dry, and I don't like the filling-to-bread ratio. I've never tried it in Japan, so I don't know if it's better there or just the same.
  • Coffee is quite good. But since I already tried a real chocolate croissant, I really wasn't impressed with their chococro. Pero ok na din since medyo hassle na dumayo pa for the the chocolate croissant.
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