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Looking for 2 females roommates preferably those who are in pharma, science, crs or any science courses...but if you're not from those courses and you really want to, I'm sure we can make it work :)

iTower- P. Noval - above Starbucks. Beato (Archi and CFAD building) is right in front. The Main building is roughly five minutes away. The building also has a study area and 2 elevators. The unit is 18 sqm. With 2 double deck frames, aircon, tables, ref and heater.

Room = PHP 14 000 (3500 - 4pax / 4666- 3pax)
Electric Bill = PHP 3000 (750 - 4pax / 1000- 3pax)
Water Bill = PHP 600 (150 - 4pax / 200- 3pax)

So this is the breakdown. The bills are based on the most expensive bill we've ever paid. So the rates can change from time to time. The room rent on the other hand remains the same for 12 months :)

So if you're interested or if you know someone, just give me a call. 09175250304. Or PM me on facebook @ Mia Soliman. (I'm from the Faculty of Pharmacy...if that helps! )
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