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Cafe, resto, coffee shop to work???

Any suggestions? With power plugs, wifi, and not too overcrowded. Thanks!


  • toby's estate
  • michymichymoo
    michymichymoo coffee drinker
    I agree. Toby's Estate.
  • I heard Toby's Estate doesn't have WIFI. So you really have to have fast internet connection in your phone/ phablet if you want to work here. For me, I cannot do a report on a phablet on word doc then have charts imported from excel (I really need a laptop or my desktop for that). But if it were just approving/ override, then having a cup of coffee in Tobys while approving on a phablet/ smart phone would do.

    For the record, when I was an MBA student (a couple of years ago) doing some research/ group paper and I see Starbucks/ Coffee Bean crowded with noisy teenage kids/ hipsters, I go to UCC and/ or the coffee shops of some hotels. May free WIFI pa dun sa ibang hotel. Those places are much much more quiet and the price I would pay for Starbucks' wifi and my coffee would just be the same as the food/coffee I will be consuming in the hotel's coffeehouse.:) I'd rather use that than consume the hours of my then pre-paid broadband stick :lol:
  • partyaddict
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    Ditto on hotel coffee shops.

    A lot of the commercial coffee shop branches are overrun with kids, chatters and students, kumpol kumpol pa. While of course this can't be helped, if you want a bit of peace and quiet to work on a report or catch up on your emails, make the rounds of hotel coffee shops.
  • Mr. Park's Bread and Cake - cozy, has WiFi, not overcrowded and tons of outlet to plug in your gadgets.
  • Although there are lots of new coffee shops popping out everywhere, nothing has beaten Starbucks for me yet when it comes to having a place to comfortably study and be productive at. (1) The prices of their drinks pegged against the sizes are very reasonable; (2) They have good taste in music; (3) Their shops have a good ambiance; (4) They have good lighting and (5) the best baristas in town who happen to always make my day lovelier.
  • For Starbucks you just have to look for the right branch. Generally the more peaceful Starbucks are those with second floors and those nearby law schools and med schools. Heavy traffic pero a bit quaint since everyone's studying.

    For really peaceful Starbucks branches, just look for places na malayo sa offices at schools.

    Yeah hotel coffee shops are peaceful. It's just quite expensive if you get hungry since it's a drag to go out and eat and come back again.
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