DLSU PPL:info on katrina dayrit

ey guys info naman on katrina dayrit oh.
:D :D :D
frosh from cbe. :glitter:
post about your crushes din malay nyo kilala ko;)
info about this girl ha!!! dlsu babe eh


  • shooting_starshooting_star sparkles(s) PExer
    hi! i'm not from dlsu but katrina used to be my schoolmate (SSC Mla). :)
  • porsche_puppyporsche_puppy ..natural high.. PExer
    kapitbahay ko 'to e... saka schoolmate ko rin dati... :)
  • migs_9migs_9 Member PExer
    really? info naman oh! my friends and i wanna meet her. ;)
    thanks ha!!
  • spearhead_ccdbmspearhead_ccdbm d gr8 cOrNhOLiO PExer
    hmm... diba sila yung may-arai ng dayrits sa may dian ba yun? pero lam ko may bf na siya. bakit?
  • fingersfingers Member PExer
    katrina dayrit, as in yung may ari ng Dayrit's?!!? grabe, is she in college na? the last time i saw her she was still in grade school sa st.scho pa. actually, her dad was my dad's bestfriend way back then, so family friend namin sila. she has a younger sister, carmela, cute din, kaya lang chubby. dati pa yun ha. don't know kung nagiba na. magka-village kame, sa merville. la salle na pala sya
  • Simply_MeehSimply_Meeh you confuse me PExer
    kilala ko rin si Kat! classm8 ko sha nung 3rd year..

    go 3-0! ehehe.. la lang.. juz passin..

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