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Hi there. I'm a student at the UP College of Medicine's MS Health Informatics program. I'd like to conduct a survey on your forum members, specifically those who are active in the sections, "Health and Wellness" and "Body and Fitness". I'd like to make a study on the online activities of non-health professionals as their way of managing their health and medical conditions. For me to complete this, I will need some prior information about the forums, namely the number of active members in the above mentioned sections and their frequency of posting in the section. I am also asking for permission that I may post a thread containing my survey questionnaire in each of the sections. Hoping for your prompt response and highly appreciated assistance on this. Big thanks


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    ^ Hi nitrix. If you happen to find some Pexers here who will agree to being participants in your survey I will not stop them from helping you. Please note, since this is a forum, some if not a lot of our Pexers might not necessarily be comfortable with giving out their personal information over the internet. It's a privacy issue.

    You might also want to contact the Administrators of Pex as they're the ones who have access to forum data.
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    Good morning Sir,

    Unfortunately, something in the settings of the forums is restricting me from sending PMs, which is why I can't contact the administrators. That is also why I am left to posting my purpose as a thread here, hoping it could get picked up. I was hoping you could help me connect with them in retrieving forum data so I could determine the statistical treatment for the study, especially on how many participants I'll be needing to make the study ok.

    I'm also wondering if the administrators have a physical address that I could take note of so I speak with them in person. If you happen to have that information on you as well, that'd be great.

    Thank you for the help
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    @nitrix please get in touch with them here ( please fill up the required fields) :

    Regarding private messages, from what I understand new accounts aren't allowed, at first, to send private messages. This is to deter spamming. You will eventually be able to send private messages once you're membership duration reaches a certain number of days or months. I can't quite remember. As per your post count, flooding is not encouraged. That said, if you could make an insightful post either here at Health and wellness or in the other Subforums of Pex either once a day or once every two days it wouldn't hurt.

    P.S. I am also from UP but I'm not an MD. I'm a dentist.
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    Hi again Doc,

    Regarding the link you shared, I've already set my message to the admins through that route about a month or two ago. And still no response from them. Is there a way that I could get in touch with any one of them in person so I could discuss my matter with them face to face?
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    You can also reach them via twitter : or facebook :

    From Pex's facebook account I was able to find this :

    Start Date : Founded in 1999
    Short Description : The biggest and most active online forum in the Philippines. Speak your mind!
    Mission : To remain the Philippines' best online forum
    Phone : +632 7592763
    Website :

    Paki tawagan mo na lang ang landline nila. From what I know they are open Monday to Friday, with typical office working hours.
  • nitrixnitrix Member PExer
    Hey Doc,

    I've already tried the FB page from a few weeks ago. Still no response. Will give the landline number a try now. Big thanks
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