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About NSTP

Good Day!
I'm an upcoming fresh year for UST. I have some questions regarding NSTP. Since i'll be enrolling next week, are we allowed to choose our own NSTP course? I've heard that if I choose ROTC as my course, i'll be taking it on my 1st year. If I choose CWTS/LTS However, I'll be taking it on my Sophomore year. Is that true? And also are we going to take NSTP once? or we'll be taking it until senior year?


  • quezacoltquezacolt PEx Rookie ⭐
    1. Yes, pwede ka pumili kung ano gusto mong NSTP.
    2. Yes, 1st year ang ROTC and 2nd year if CWTS/LTS and gusto mo.
    3. 1 year lang.
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