My Top12 PBA Draft Pick...

stanchstanch Member PExer
in no particular order:

Homer Se

Ten of these 12 players will surely go first round..

ok ba? =)


  • lovejoneslovejones living the martini life PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    looks fine to me, bro.;)

    however, i still dunno if the new crop of fil-ams are really good since i've never seen them play.
  • According to the Order of the Draft.......
    This is my guess...excluding the unknown fil-ams and if FEDEX does not transfer their players to the PBA....

    1. Adducul - FEDEX
    2. Flowers - POP
    3. Clay - Sta. Lucia
    4. Ritualo - Shell
    5. Calaguio - Red Bull
    6. Cortez - Alaska
    7. De Ocampo - Shell
    8. Tolomia - POP
    9. C. Cruz - GINS
    10. Omanzie - ???
    11. Homer Se - ???
    12. Avenido - ???

    This is my bet if there are no trades of picks during the draft....
  • dj_ouchdj_ouch sPin doCtor PEx Guru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    1. Chris Clay - US
    2. Romel Adducu - SSC
    3. Yancy de Ocampo - St. Francis
    4. Mike Cortez - DLSU
    5. Omanzie Rodriguez - Mapua
    6. Jeffrey Flowers - USA
    7. Ren-Ren Ritualo - DLSU
    8. Edwin Bacani - FEU
    9. Raffi Reavis - USA
    10. Christian Calaguio - Letran
    11. Chester Tolomia - UPHR
    12. Leo Avenido - FEU

    13. Jojo Manalo - UPHR
    14. Celino Cruz - FEU
    15. Gilbert Malabanan - UPHR
  • GholdbhurgGholdbhurg Member PExer
    sino nga pala ung mga matitindi sa mga unknown fil-ams na nag-apply?

    may caliber ba dyan nina caguioa, seigles, hatfield? =)
  • barring any "surprise" fil-ams i think fedex would go for Clay if he gets his DOJ papers by Jan. 8....and i think pop would go for either ritualo or adducul...........
  • hehe.....i think that 6'5" guy who was in the NT try-outs who said he could be a top 5 pick is gonna end up in the third round-(i dont remember his name but i think it was noble or nole or somthing)

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