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Do PRC really check and verify informations of your TOR and BC?

Hi Guys,

I submitted all the requirements today for a board exam next Month. But i inadvertently submitted TOR that has incorrect month in my DOB. Hence, they gave me Notice of Admission. I'm kinda bother that they will cancelled my applications once they found that discrepancy in my TOR. All other requirements have the same Birth Date except the "month" printed in my TOR.

Several question plays in my Mind..I need your answers and advices..

Isn't it they'd check the information already prior to the issuance of Notice of Admission?

Is there any Department in PRC that verifies each and every information of the applicant?

Pwede kayang ihabol ko yung correct TOR since the last day of filing is on May 4?

Hope you can help me...Thank you..


  • chill_00chill_00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    They look into it pero saglit lang, tinitignan nila yung subjects required for board and some information pero dapat siguro bumalik ka at magtanong kung pwede yon kasi sa mismong license mo may date of birth don. Baka ma confuse sila..

    Good luck sa board exam.
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