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Sunglasses Under 2k With Durable Frames... What Brand And Where To Buy?

kimrod16kimrod16 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Hello, team. I tried to search for a thread but couldn't find any. Anyone who could help me find sunglasses (preferrably Aviators) who has the ff:

-under 2k, pass sa mga branded since i feel na sayang pera esp kung rugged activities gagamitin
-available in local malls such as SM (yung mga optical shops dun)
-UVA/UVB / UV 400 protection
-with durable frames since I will be using it for traveling and pagbubundok

looking for something like this chrome plated one...



  • Hi, I use Rayban sun glasses for regular eye wear, I found the Rayban aviator sunglasses for 86.10$ at trendzmania. I hope you can find the sunglasses that suits for your requirement from this store.
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