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Tires for Innova

need to replace my Innova's tires (205/65R15). The safest choice is to go with the stock brand, Yokohama Aspec, but I also want to save some money without compromising quality. So far, reviews for GT Champiro and Kumho Solus are okay. Anyone tried either brands? Do you also have feedback on Runway and Achilles (these 2 were suggested by some dealers)?



  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    I heard Achilles is quite decent. For its price of approx 2k++ Each, its a good buy.
  • mcsteamy17
    mcsteamy17 una noche mas
    Same size with the Nissan Cefiro...

    S&R has Dunlop, Michelin, Yokohama and the Kumho Solus... changed mine with Kumho, 2 tires at the rear. May free wheel balancing pa. PHP3,700each...

    Check date manufactured: wwyy (usually located at the wall of the tire)


    ex. 0714 that is... manufactured on the 7th week of 2014...

    ...aaahhhh... :dizzy:
  • try to stay with known brands. don't skimp out on tyres. they're the only contact between your car and the road.

    i once made a mistake of buying a cheap brand.. pero pumutok lang. in the end, na perwisyo ka na, napamahal ka pa.
  • b12
    b12 brrrr!
    thanks for the replies. i think i'm going with Goodyear na lang, a little cheaper than Yokohama. OK naman Goodyear, right?
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