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Looking For: Reliable Ukay Ukay Dress Supplier

I am looking for reliable ukay ukay supplier that will help me on my start up business. Women's Dress po ang hanap namin. Size Small or medium. We buy bundles pero mas maganda po if nasosort nyo. PM me lang po for more info.


  • Good day sir!

    We are selling used clothing, they are packed and sealed; we buy them as is hence you will be sure that whats inside the package are not "leftovers"

    Below are some of the bundles we sell:

    Ladies tshirt (category 2) - P7,500
    Ladies shirt (cat 1) - P 11,500
    Mini String dresses - P16,500
    Swim Suit - P 9,000
    Walking shorts - P 10,500
    Leggings - P 8,500
    Ladies blazer - P6,500
    Mix blouse 1 - P 11,500
    Mix blouse 2 - P 7,500
    Sexy Shorts - P 10,500
    Ladies skirts - P 6,500
    Ladies Dress - P 13,500
    Ladies Tank Top 1 - P 13,500
    Ladies Tank Top 2 - P 7,500

    For faster transaction please text 09061499240/09997243459
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