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SPDTS Spark Personnel Development and Training Services Inc.

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Wala po ako mahanap sa internet ng details or feedbacks regarding this recruitment firm baka po meron sa inyo may experience or feedback.

Naka post po sila sa jobstreet


  • Yup. Any idea po or info regarding this company? Ininvite nila ko for interview eh medyo malaki yung nakalagay sa jobstreet.
  • Actually curious din ako. Ang laki ng offer. Mamaya joke lang pala. Di ko kasi maintindihan sa post nila, may nakalagay na requirement: "willing to undergo paid training". Di ko alam kung free o paid training nila. Kaloka.
  • Yup. Any idea po or info regarding this company? Ininvite nila ko for interview eh medyo malaki yung nakalagay sa jobstreet.

    Natuloy po ba kayo for interview? Ano po ang nangyari if ever po na natuloy kayo? Thanks!
  • What happend then? Same story sakin e. Pmunta kb for the application process?
  • carimzcarimz PEx Rookie ⭐
    a friend of a friend told me na pumunta daw sya sa *interview* which turns out pinapasa lang *** resume(kaya pibapadala ng 3 copies). Kaya sinabihan kami na wag nanng tumuloy
  • mam/sir, good pm po. tumuloy po ba kayo dyan? ako din po kasi may invitation e. may feedback na po ba kayo sa kanila company? thanks po. :)
  • hindi siya nakakatuwa... imaging.. maghihintay ka ng matagal because of the offer tapos biglang malalaman mo, indirect hiring pa siya.. maradami dami nadin naman akong napuntahan na gantong comany e. some are nice, pero specifically this one. naku imbyerna ako lalo na sa mga staff. haist so rude!:grrr:
  • don't bother dear. unfortunately you'll just waste your time going to that company. as in. :bop: Nasaan ang hustisiya!
  • I RECOMMEND SPARK PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING SERVICES, INC. to you guys over there who are looking for a job!

    I applied to Spark this 1st of October, 2015. Their site manager, Ms. Kayla, is very beautiful and professional! Her English is so polished and posh, yet she remained humble and reassuring all throughout. Their personnel are so friendly, accommodating, professional, very helpful and concerned. Why? Because during the interview process, you can really feel that you are respected not just as an applicant but as a person. Then they assisted us to find job by contacting a number of employers who interviewed us via the phone (this is to provide you with a lot of chances of getting a job), since the company serves only as the intermediary providing the link between the employers and the applicants. (As to my personal appraisal, going to intermediary firms like Spark Personnel Development and Training Services, Inc. is the best way to do if you want to be assured of 95-100% assurance of finding a job as fast as one day.)

    I said they are helpful and concerned, right? One of my co-candidates was ill and was somehow of a vege-illy state (Opps! That's only my term to describe somebody who is suffering a very uncomfortable condition.) Somebody is handing off a medicine, another one is giving a glass of water, while others are keep on asking if she is all right. See? Can you find it in some other firm? I really appreciated it! Well, so much for that.

    Another thing why you should go first to Spark if you want to easily get a job is that: They provide their applicants or candidates a free training or seminar (that's what their name's about, right?)...this is a session in which the applicants are taught or coached with most, if not all, the tips and reminders on how to act in front of the interviewer, the appropriate gestures and body language, placements of the hands, eye contact and proper looking at the face of the interviewer basing on his mood, how to answer questions accurately and effectively, consistency, simplified the techniques of answering the common interview questions, detecting the kinds of questioning and how to respond them accordingly (like rhetorical questioning, scenarios, and some other or out-of-the box questions), the RED FLAGS (I was once committed these mistakes during the interview process when I was asked about my future plans pertaining to education, and some others which I do not know that they're red flags and so I failed twice.), and many more helpful and useful tips and reminders in applying for a job. The session lasted for about 3-4 hours and that was really educative and exciting!

    Then what happened to my applications with the employers that Spark contacted for me? I passed all the three (3) phone interviews and they all invited me to come to their respective offices for a personal or face-to-face interview. Guys, think of this: Spark Personnel Development and Training Services, Inc. is really a good partner for you to get a job because they even provided us with a shuttle service and Mr. Adam Mangayan, our lecturer, personally accompanied and endorsed us to the employer. And we got the best accommodation ever!

    Did I get a job on that day? Yes! Even if I have no experience to this new industry and I have a long gap of having no employment for 14 years, and with the fact that I am already 42 years of age, I could really find it hard to find a job compared to the young ones; but these negative attributes were all toppled down with the help of God and with the fine tuning by Spark through the lectures of Sir Adam. Yes, I did it! Thank you very much to Spark Personnel Development and Training Services, Inc.!

    Glory be to God!
  • mam/sir, good pm po. tumuloy po ba kayo dyan? ako din po kasi may invitation e. may feedback na po ba kayo sa kanila company? thanks po. :)

    Hi JaredDrowny! I suggest you really shouldn't just rely on whatever you read online. My post was pretty much according to what I've experienced with SPARK, and I hope you'll also give them a try. "To see is to believe" anyway. Go abide by that. I hope this helps!
  • Hi po. I'm an applicant po earlier sa kanila. They are very nice naman po and accommodating. And I'm actually applying for HR Staff po sa kanila. Na-explain naman po nila na they do have hr staff po pero call center setting and aside po sa hr post marami din po silang opening for a call center job. Wala naman pong pilitan sabi nila, if I'm open daw po sa call center job then they can endorse me and one day hiring process pero kung di naman daw po ako open sa call center agent job di naman nila pinilit. Kaya po sana wag naman po natin silang siraan. Wag naman po tayong mag-generalize kasi kung naghahanap po talaga tayo ng work magtatyaga po tayo para makahanap ng decent job.

    God Bless. Thank you. :)
  • Asko ko lang po kung agency po ba itong spark? Thanks ☺
  • rnnt21 sounds like he/she works for spark. parang they're doing something to manage the bad feedback provided by others.
  • Wala po ako mahanap sa internet ng details or feedbacks regarding this recruitment firm baka po meron sa inyo may experience or feedback.

    Naka post po sila sa jobstreet

    Spent more than half of my day today with sparks in makati for nothing! Interview schedule was at 8am, I was 15mins late due to traffic. As soon as I logged in, the personnel asked me to wait at their briefing room that has around 20-30 seats. Lucky me, the interviewer has not yet arrived. Few minutes later, the room started to get filled with more applicants. An hour later, still no interviewer. By the way, no feedback from the personnel as to what time the process will start ha. Another hour passed and we're still waiting! Looks like I need to ask na kung anong oras ba talaga magsisimula and I was told that it's about to start in a few. But after another hour, voila! It still hasn't start! Really? so I asked again, this time I got prioritized so they called me for the assessment. Da da da da da.... then I got an endorsement letter for the company that has an opening daw for email support-dayshift which Sparks has posted on jobstreet. So there! I went to bgc for the continuation of the process just to find out that they don't have an opening for the post! Really??? After several hours of waiting??? Gosh! Guys, it's up to you if you still want to waste your time at this company as they are very inconsiderate with other's people time! I just wasted my time, effort and money for this crap company! Very disappointing!
  • Pag dumating ka sa office, isisiksik ka nila with 30 other applicants sa isang maliit at super sikip na room. And magaantay ka ng matagal. Nakakaawa mga professionals dun na bihis na bihis. Mukha silang sardinas. At yung nagiinterview ng mga nanagers naka t shirt lang at naka maong na babae. Parang hindi legit tong company na to. Pang agent placement lang di pwede sa Supervisors and up.
  • I applied for the Hotel Staff-Travel/Airline Booking position via Jobstreet and got invited for an interview. Although the position is interesting, after reading your comments, I think I already know whats gonna happen so Im just not gonna go. And that one good "review" of the firm isnt a help at all tbh.
  • Good thing I researched here before calling them up for a reschedule for an interview.
    Nag-apply ako sa Jobstreet, then I immediately got an Invitation via Jobstreet for the next day (8:00 AM). I'm currently employed, so I can't skip work 'like magic'. It's weird for them to invite Management applicants like that - templated replies and they expect you to come in the next morning agad.
    I reported them to Jobstreet, for being inconsiderate of the time of interview.

    Thank you for these posts, you saved me a lot of my time.
  • thanks for this post.. i was called for interview May 29, 2017 sa IT analyst but with all the negative comment here i decided not to go..
    thanks guys for saving my time money and effort.. papasok nalang ako sa work ko.. at isa pa... walang silang Website ???
    kaya nakaka duda n tlaga wala kang makuhang details at profile sa kanila.. at puro text lang sila.. Salamat sa ulit s post na ito.
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    Any update with this company?
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