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LIZA SOBERANO & ENRIQUE GIL: Shine LizQuen, Shine! Murag Uyab's BET to Forevermore

This thread is dedicated to the country's newest and hottest love team
Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil:heartpump:

Why do we also call this place as LIZQUEN PYSCH WARD?

This is a place of positive and happy thoughts (no bashers allowed), just good vibes. A place where we can express our admirations and addictions to LizQuen. A place where we can discuss, analyse our thoughts and share wonderful experiences and information about Liza and Quen.


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  • _majorca07__majorca07_ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Lizquen Pexers, How about we go back to where it all began?

    Mid 2012 – Liza joins Star Magic, the talent management agency of ABS CBN with the help of her manager, Ogie Diaz.


    Dec. 2012 Christmas Presentation – Liza remembers her first encounter with Enrique. She credits the Christmas Presentation of ABS CBN. Enrique (Quen) had been a Star Magic Circle talent four years earlier.

    Sometime early 2013 After Christmas Presentation – Enrique remembers being introduced to Liza at ABS main building by his then handler, Ana Esguerra. Liza and Ana were in a dressing room, for a go-see or audition, and then Enrique and his road manager, Maquie Raquiza dropped by to say hi. The two stars where introduced to each other.

    On this initial encounter, Enrique vividly remembers how he reacted upon seeing her comely face: Sabi ko, cute siya. “Pero wala, wala talaga.” (kasi po, neneng-nene pa si Liza, she just turned 15 years old). “Pero sabi ko, cute siya, cute siya, cute siya.” (3 times was just enough to emphasize that he found her “cute”.

    On Liza reaction upon meeting Enrique: “Nagwa-gwapuhan naman po ako sa kanya, pero wala pong attachment or something.” “Kasi alam mo pag may balita,” she explains, “Pero hindi naman ako nagdya-judge na, Ay! Chickboy!” “Parang ‘O, mag-ingat ka diyan,a!’ Parang ang sinsabi ng tita ko, Parang too good to be true. Parang gano’n.”

    March 6, 2013 – Quen guests on Kris TV and when asked about what he likes in a girl, he mentions that he likes “nakakatawa, kenkoy” “ upfront, totoo at medyo mahirap maghanap nun.”

    March 13, 2013 – Must Be Love, KN Movie hits the theaters. Prior to this, we all know that Quen made a cameo appearance were he surprised Liza and she got star-struck. Her knees weakened and she burst in to tears upon seeing her all-time crush up close and unexpectedly. Quen’s response on how he finds her: “she’s cute, super-cute.”
    With a wide and giddy smile.

    On his next encounter with Liza, he remembers saying to himself, “Cute nito a!” He adds, “Cute na naman.” (Enrique’s favorite word to describe his instant admiration for Liza).

    March 17, 2013 – Liza was launched in Star Magic Circle 19. This is where Quen says he and Rayver were looking for the prettiest, and when the camera panned to Liza, this is where they noticed Liza, and said “she’s cute”.

    March 17, 2013 – Liza guests on The Buzz, Charlene Gonzales asks her who she’d like to work with, you know the answer to this! Her number 1 : syempre alam na ang sagot....Enrique Gil (giggle) kasi we share the same handler and he's really nice.

    April 15, 2013 – Dakilang Tita (LYN_J.) posts on IG a picture of LQ together, I don’t know what occasion, but most likely ASAP backstage.


    June 23, 2013 –The Buzz: Charlene Gonzales interviews Quen and asks him “kanino siya pinaka nagagandahan” ? His top 3 choices: Ann Curtis, Julia M and Liza. When asked, “Sino ang mas lamang?”, he says : “Si Liza kasi, I just know her newly lang dahil sa movie (MBL) and she’s so innocent, kung ano siya, when she says hi, ganoon lang talaga siya. Di siya mukhang plastic, you know that she’s not hiding anything.”

    June to September, 2013 – She’s The One taping. Since you already saw the cute harutan and tawanan scenes of our favourite Best Friends forever, you know what happened here. Chemical reaction and Overload of Kilig!!! Their first “kiss” on Liza’s forehead. Apples changed hands, and we are sure that because he bit the apple where Liza took her bite, there was an exchange of bodily fluids.

    The actor relates an incident on the set of She’s the One (STO) taping when the Director. Mae Cruz called him out:”Hoy Enrique! Baka matunaw ‘yan!” She was referring to the way he was looking at his co-star, Liza.

    “Nahuli ako ni Direk Mae Cruz,” he recalls, shaking his head. “Putsa! Hindi ko alam, kasi inaayos pa ‘yong camera. Hindi ko rain namalayan na nakatingin pala ako sa kanya [Liza], kasi nga, tabi kami. And’on ako sa table, naghihintay sa eksena, ‘ta’s parang nagpapraktis kami. ‘ta’s parang nakatingin lang ako sa kanyang gano’n.” “’Ta’s sabi ni Direk, ‘Hoy Enrique!” “Direk?” “Makatingin eh!” “Nahiya ako. Lahat sila sa set, tumingin sa akin, parang, ‘Ha? Pati sa sarili ko, hindi ko alam, hindi ko pa alam e, nakatitig pala ako.”

    (Natamaan na si Enrique…and this is where he makes he begins his master plan of getting to work with Liza more in the future…so he can stare at her more? Or work on getting the girl?

    September 7, 2013 – Star Magic Ball 2013. Quen’s date was Julia M. He started the night with his then current leading lady, and left the party with Liza and their handler and went partying somewhere else.

    September 22, 2013: The Buzz interviews Quen and asked if he was courting Liza, and if “hindi ba kayo nagkakamabutihan”. His response is “Wala pa, wala pa.” Friends lang daw sila ni Liza and they share the same handler.

    Oct. 7, 2013 of the Grand Press Conference of She’s The One. If you recall, this is where Quen was asked how he knows he found the one, his answer: “When you feel something that you can’t explain.” The Grand Presscon is where Liza makes “hampas” her cute costar, who is taken aback. After that “hampas”, you think he’ll forget her? Hahaha! This is also when Liza first reveals to the press on why she can’t enter into a relationship, the dreaded CONTRACT comes up. Laughter ensues, and Quen gleefully claps his hands!

    Oct 9, 2013 - Kris TV guesting by the STO cast in Alabang. This is where Quen gets teased by Kris and Bea regarding texting Liza and whether he intends to wait for her. Note: Quen says "kapag puede na, may right na" when asked when he is gonna make his move. Other kilig lines that we all know by heart as LQ addicts= Kris: "so, Quen, iintaayin mo?", Quen:"Ewan ko, puede", Kris: "so 2 years pa ang pagwe-wait, ang tagal nun ha..." Quen: "Kaya pa nga ng 3 years eh."
  • _majorca07__majorca07_ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Oct. 14, 2013 – STO Blogcon at Wangfu. This is the cutest interview of all time for LQ fans, pre-BEST FRIENDS status. Quen reveals what qualities he is “searching” for: malambing, mahilig sa animals” and then Direk Mae interjects: “May pet iguana?” and of course, the famous line, ”Paano niyo alam yun?” LOL This is also the blogcon where Quen reveals gusto niya “pag may girlfriend ako, friends, muna at pag naging Best Friends na, eh di friends forever”.
    [email protected]:00

    Oct. 15, 2013 The Buzz guests STO cast. Tito Boy teases LQ and remarks that “there is something, I don’t know what it is, but there’s a certain tension, I could be right, I could be wrong...". And ending the segment with “Quen, don’t ever ever be afraid to fall in love!” Mabuhay ang Ninong ng Pambansang Soulmates.

    NOTEWORTHY TIDBIT: during this period of promoting STO before it was shown on Oct. 16, 2013 this is when Quen made a suggestion or request to Tita Malu that he and Liza can do another project based on what Tita Malu saw as an “okay” chemistry.

    June 2014, he again guests on Kris TV and learns that someone significant in his past will reconnect with him. How will he determine if she is THE ONE? Some letters figured heavily in his reading: M, -Maria Agnes Calay? ERA, not necessarily in order could be SOBERANO, and let's not forget, the sound of E ---Elizabeth ? The tarot card reader says he will reconnect with this lady sometime in July to August, 2014.

    June 2014 - Star Cinema announces that Liza and Enrique would star in one of its forthcoming movies, The Bet.

    July 2014 - Liza signs a contract and reveals that The Bet cast is already doing workshops, and she has a teleserye lined up with Quen.

    August 2014 – Star Cinema’s mother company, ABS CBN publicized that the two young stars would headline one of its upcoming shows, Forevermore, under the supervision of Star Creatives, ABS CBN’S television unit.


    August 2014 - On the birthday of their handler, Ana Esguerra, they went to karaoke bar to celebrate and upon hearing Liza rapping to song by Nicki Minaj, Enrique tells his brother, Javy, “In love na ‘ata ako.” “Parang siya lang ata yong nakita kong gano’n kaganda, tapos bigla, nag-rap. Di ba, parang….Grabe!”

    Almost 9 months later after his request to have a project with Liza, the wheels of destiny makes a significant turn to finding true love.

    September 2014, Quen signs a contract with ABS CBN and talks about Liza, Forevermore and how he asked her out personally as his date in Star Magic Ball 2014 at Shangrila Hotel, Makati.

    September 6, 2014 Enrique and Liza attended their first Star Magic Ball together.

    October 27 2014. Liza and Quens first teleserye, Forevermore, was aired on National primetime TV.

    Quotes are only what I remember, some are taken from YES Magazine (April 2015 Issue). Interpretation of the meaning is at the discretion of the reader.

    Warning: reading and connecting the dots might cause a strong reaction. Side effects include more sleepless nights and an insane desire to search social media for evidence of its contents.
  • _majorca07__majorca07_ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Official Soundtrack from FOREVERMORE

    Ikaw Lamang by Enrique Gil (with Liza Soberano), Soundtrack from "She's the One"

    ABS-CBN 2015 Summer Station ID

  • nose2nosenose2nose PEx Rookie ⭐

    Their First HUG


    One Sweet Dance


    ring a bell

    Matamis na OO


    More Gifsets here quenhope.tumblr.com
    More Gifsets Here cto dmncroques.tumblr.com
  • nose2nosenose2nose PEx Rookie ⭐

    random moments




  • nose2nosenose2nose PEx Rookie ⭐
  • nose2nosenose2nose PEx Rookie ⭐




    to be continued:lol:


    to be continued:lol:
  • Of Friends, Best Friends, an Understanding & Murag Uyab

    Remember when he used to define his relationship status with Liza as "friends lang kami." "di kami close"”we need to bond more”? Even amidst his great admiration for her beauty since he met her, he has been semi-successful in keeping his deeper feeling of affection for her from rising to the surface. He obviously found ‘something’ in the young lady that not only captivated his senses, her effervescent beauty is certainly beyond compare, but her genuine kindness, un-pretentious character and vibrancy moved him.

    In between mid 2013 to middle of 2014, he has slowly but surely inched his way closer to winning the heart of this beautiful woman-child, Liza. Her extreme youth was certainly a compelling hindrance to making his move on her, so he bided his time and made the intelligent choice in "waiting it out". When shooting started on The Bet, their first movie together and then Forevermore, their hit TV series, we see behind the scene (bts) shots of them becoming even closer and discovering that their friendship has slowly been moving up to Best Friends status. They are unanimous in declaring that they are mirror images or versions of each other, not just in physical attributes, taste in food but more importantly, how they put the needs of their family first before their own, their love of animals and children, and their special closeness to their grandmother. Although their attraction to each other was palpable, they used the time they had in discovering more about each other and becoming more comfortable in each other’s presence.

    On Liza’s birthday celebration, January 4, 2015, Enrique, in his own words, declared on national TV for the first time that he has ‘feelings’ for his co-star. Obviously emboldened by the prediction by guest psychics that they would end up together or “magkakatuluyan”, he admitted that her contract and her age prevented the relationship from progressing further, so at the moment, he was willing to be her Best Friend, and that whatever happens in the future, he would be there for her. He gave her a Tiffany necklace with the letter ‘H’ for Hope, her real name on her birthday, hoping that she will always think of him when she wears it.

    On the eve of Valentine’s he gave her another necklace, this time, a necklace with a heart. We can only guess that by this time, he had already told her how he feels, that he was willing to wait until she was ready and of age to accept suitors.

    In several interviews dated January 30 (PEP.PH News), February 20 (Aquino & Abunda Tonight) , February 19, (ASAP 20 rehearsal), Feb. 22, 2015 (ASAP 20th anniversary), he boldly told the reporters that he was liking her more, and they are now very close. He also confessed abashedly that he has told her that he liked her a lot, that she understands how he felt and that he is willing to wait for her. When asked what their status was, he said “mahirap kasi i-explain eh” Gil said, “Pero may understanding kami.””Okay, gusto kita.” On her part, "she (Liza) understands how I feel.”

    In one interview after an ASAP dance production number, he even went so far as to call the attention of Mr. Johnny Manahan, Star Magic Manager and a Senior Vice President of ABS-CBN that he is ‘waiting’ for Liza, perhaps in the hope of getting ‘approval’ from the big boss about his intentions in pursuing her in the future. Knowing that aside from her age, she was also under contract which prevented her from having a boyfriend until she was able to reach all her goals, this declaration was really a defining moment. This bold move will determine his resolve in the coming months/years before Liza is able to reach her goals.

    Flashback to just a week or so ago, the whole LizQuen fandom stopped dead in their tracks on the occasion of Enrique's birthday celebration on March 29, 2015 on ASAP 20 Fans Day when Enrique Gil again re-defined his relationship with Liza and reached yet another milestone...ever nearer to his ultimate goal of becoming Liza's first boyfriend. In the most genuine moment of happiness on being asked about his status with ‘Agnes’, Liza’s alter ego in the hit series, Forevermore, his initial response was “may understanding kami, yun lang sasabihin ko.” “sinabi kong maghihintay ako, at sinabi niya….” Sofia Andres, his co-star in the series interjected with a question “M.U. ba ito?” Enrique proceeds to define M.U. by saying, “kasi dito yung tawag sa atin, lalo’t sa atin at sa bisaya man, ang tawag dun Murag-Uyab.” Of course, this bisaya phrase that defined their relationship as being pseudo-bf/gf set afire the whole of twitterland and all forms of social media, trending Murag Uyab worldwide. What does this say about the LizQuen tandem (on and off screen)? It’s definitely a worldwide phenomenal obsession, making the further development of their relationship as the most highly anticipated sensation in Philippine Show Business.
  • Haneeeepppp 😍 sa timeline Hopiaaaa!!!!
    I love it! My goodness, come to think of it, these are snippets from different sources and yet you've managed to piece them together and make a novel! You're the BEST!
    *kilig much*
  • homaygas nagamit ang suggestion ko haymsow tats. ahuhuhuhu.. hahahaha

    tenksyu guys. kiligmats. hahahaha

    pede pa bang i-edit yung thread title? yung dun sa dulo

    LIZA SOBERANO & ENRIQUE GIL: Shine LizQuen, Shine! Murag Uyab's BET to Forevermore [Neverland 2 or Ward 2 or Forevermoreland 2 or ChenelynChuva 2]

    basta kahit ano para lang me titulo yung lupang kinatatayuan mahirap na baka ma Jaime Saavedra. hahahahahaha. dats ol tenkyu.*okay*
  • clap clap clap!!! -- wooo hoooo!!! -- welcome to our NEW HOUSE!!!

    ang galeng2x ng mga kumare ko!! --- pordalab talaga!! -- woot woot!! --- hugs hugs you guys!! -- muuwaahh!!

    repost ko na lang dito ang NEWLY REVEALED na kaganapan ---

    date date ang [#]MuragUyab[/#] -- alam na this --- F7 ftw!!!


    date twit


    OGIE's article when yung nagkasakit c LIZA ---

    3 red balloons QUENITO? --- lol!! -- yun oh!!



    eh kc couple sila eh --- his and hers -- couple lappie --- :)


    opening of gifts --


  • Maraming Salamat sa gumawa ng bahay:D

    Pagpalain sana kayo ng tinulungan niyo ang mga kaluluwang baliw sa LizQuen:lol:

    [#]ShinePilipinasShine[/#] :lol::lol::lol:
  • Juzmiyo!!!

    It was a date at night indeed:love:

    Help me, I'm having breathing problems now:rotflmao:

    I'm so sorry my fragile heart:lol:
  • Helllowwww!!! :wave:
    Welcome sa bagong ward!
    Padaan lang po!
  • Was it a group date? With chaperone? Haha... akala ko hindi pwede pa na mag date or ligiwan si Liza. In fairness, best friends na man talaga and dalawa so okay lang siguro, pero of course, kilig parin :rotflmao:
  • Hello :wave: I'm so happy sa bagong thread natin. :love: super thank you sa gumawa!! :D
  • _majorca07__majorca07_ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Liza Soberano, ‘di sinisipot ang taping ng serye
    Monday, April 6, 2015, 0:37
    Oh My G!

    ANG DAMING naka-miss kay Agnes sa Forevermore. Mahuhusay ang scriptwriter ng number one kiligserye kaya nagawan nila ng kuwento ang pagkawala ni Agnes.

    Pero dahil na rin sa existence ng social media, alam naman talaga ng mga tao kung nasaan talaga si Agnes.

    I mean si Liza Soberano, alam nilang may sakit ito. Naka-confine ng ilang araw sa ospital, dahil nga sa trangkaso.

    Medyo matindi rin that time ang ubo niya at isang box ng tissue ang nakokonsumo niya sa kanyang sipon din.

    Nagsugat na nga ang ilalim ng nose niya dahil sa kapipindot niya ng ilong niya sa tuwing nahahatsing siya.

    Kung dumalaw si Xander? Oo dumalaw na. “Pero saglit lang po kasi me work pa siya,” sabi ni Liza.

    Sayang at hindi namin nakunan ng picture ang tatlong red balloons na bigay sa kanya ni Quen para naman ma-delight ang mga supporters nila.

    Ilan lang din ang nakadalaw sa Prime Queen, dahil pinili naming mas magpahinga siya kesa mag-entertain ng bisita.

    Actually, nakakalokah nga, dahil ang bagets ay gusto nang bumangon at tumayo sa kanyang kama, “Gusto ko nang mag-work, Tito Ogie! Baka tanggalin na nila ako sa ‘Forevermore’.”

    Hahahaha! ‘Yun talaga ang inaalala ng bata. Na baka tigukin si Agnes sa teleserye.

    Sabi ko naman, “Nangyayari lang ‘yon, anak, ‘pag ang artista, grabe nang primadona, hindi na kaya ng staff ang attitude problem, sobrang unprofessional na, gano’n.

    “Pero understandable naman ang case mo. Na kaya ka rin naman nagkakasakit eh, dahil na rin sa kasipagan mo at kulang ka rin sa tulog.

    “Kaya rest ka lang and the people who love Agnes understand the situation.”

    NA-TOUCH SI Liza Soberano dahil ramdam talaga niya ang pagmamahal sa kanya ng ABS-CBN at ng Star Magic habang siya’y nakaratay sa ospital due to over-fatigue at flu.

    Dinalaw siya sa ospital ng heads ng Star Magic na si Mr. M at Tita Mariole na sobrang nag-alala sa kanyang kalagayan.

    Maging si Tita Malou Santos ng Star Cinema at sina Direk Lauren Dyogi, Mam Charo Santos, at Tita Cory ay nagpaabot din ng concern at sumuporta pa ang ABS-CBN sa mga needs ni Liza.

    “Kaya I wanna work na, Tito Ogie!”

    But how can you work kung hindi ka pa nga completely magaling, ‘di ba? Kaya pagaling ka nang bongga, Agnes!

    At ‘eto na ang catch: tonite sa episode ng Forevermore, magpapakita na kaya si Agnes?

    For now, thank you, thank you sa lahat ng mga nagmamahal at nagpe-pray for Liza’s fast recovery!

    Oh My G!
    by Ogie Diaz


    OT: KrisTv and GGV na lang ang pag-asa natin sa talk show guesting ng LizQuen. wala na ang The Buzz.

  • Congrats sa new bahay Lizquen! Reading Ogie's article, cant help but smile when Liza said she wanna work coz shes afraid baka tigukin character nya sa FM. Iniimagine ko when she is saying it with her sweet voice. Kaloka. This girl, so dear. Happy to see she is well na. And that big bosses from the management showing support when she's ill means a lot. More projects for them.
  • _majorca07__majorca07_ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    dont forget the 1m target please
  • Saglit lang po si quen... Pero siguro feeling ni bg ang tagal tagal na nong moment na yon! Chos!

    And for the date night... Told ya babawi si bg sa namiss nyang birthday celeb! Hahaha! For them na yong night na yon. Sobrang saya kung silang dalawa lang, pero i doubt it. ***** may mga kasama din. Pero anong malay natin!!! Hahaha!
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