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PEx_TravelPEx_Travel Administrator PEx Moderator
Hi Everyone!

We'd like to know everyone who's always on our Travel and Leisure forum (and Travel Section). Also, a few things about you. Kindly follow this format:

1. PEx_ID *optional: imaginary passport photo
  • 3 words to describe yourself/ what you do (travel- related) ie: photographer, blogger, foodie
  • optional: My favorite countries are..... (list your top 3 countries)
  • optional: Ask me about... (Any place that you're an expert with)
  • Other PEx forums you go to aside from T&L

Travel pin awaits. :)


  • jenneijennei Member PExer
    1. jennei
    • (non-pro) photographer-personal use only, foodie (but I don't do food reviews) :D
    • SG, S. Korea, Japan
    • Food and Drinks, Arts and Crafts, IMTV Movies and IMTV TV, sometimes: Showbiz Forums
  • Naked_SalvationNaked_Salvation Moderator PEx Moderator
    2. Naked_Salvation
    • Wanderlust. Solo Traveller.
    • My fave countries are... Singapore, Vietnam, Italy
    • Ask me about... Singapore, Vietnam
    • Other PEx forums I go to... UAAP Games (Main and Basketball), Food & Drinks, LMTV, AP & Academe
  • keyser_sozekeyser_soze :::Vill Wannarot::: PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    3. keyser_soze
    • peregrine. epicurean.
    • my favorite countries to wander are: Philippines, Thailand, Japan, USA, Germany, Italy
    • ask me anything about Thailand
    • other PEx forums i visit - PEx Running Club, Hobbies & Recreation (Scuba Diving), International Movies and TV, Sports Zone (Tennis and Boxing related threads), Food and Drinks, Books and Literature
  • huntfan01huntfan01 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    4. huntfan01
    * history-buff, sight-seeing enthusiast, photo-crazy.
    * My favorite countries (right now): Italy, Egypt, Turkey/Greece/Israel (tie)
    * Ask me about: Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Bali (medyo fresh pa sa memory)
    * Other PEx forums you go to aside from T&L: UAAP, Personal Investing & Money Management
  • michymichymoomichymichymoo coffee drinker PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    5. michymichymoo
    * food and travel blogger, newbie photographer, coffee addict
    * my favorite country is Thailand
    * Ask me about: Thailand (Chiang Mai and Bangkok), Brunei, Cambodia (Siem Reap), Cebu, Commuting around Metro Manila
    * Other PEx forums I go to aside from T&L: Food & Drinks, Hobbies & Recreation, International TV & Movies
  • QueenCerseiQueenCersei Administrator PExer
    6. Queen_cersei
    - foodie, photographer, extremist (either super saver or splurger)
    - favorite cities: Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Barcelona
    - ask me about Siem Reap and Kota Kinabalu
    - other PEx forums i visit: Food!
  • rubberr_duckyrubberr_ducky 一匹オオカミ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    7. rubberr_ducky

    - weekend warrior, buwis buhay sa mga biyahe, and foodie
    - countries (Japan, Germany, and Brazil)
    - ask me about travelling around Metro Manila
    - other PEx forums I visit > Food, Personals, LaFi, parenting 101, hobbies, PBA, Anime & Manga, IMTV (movies lang muna) and Music & Radio
  • yestoyesto Administrator PEx Admin
    8. Yesto

    - Promdi,sun tzu warrior,a friend and a lover haha
    - Favorite cities: Baguio City,Vigan
    - Ask me about: PEx membership ahah. Anything probinsyano :)
    - PEx forum i visit: All....
  • ValorianValorian Do no harm PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    9. Valorian

    - I hate summer, introverted, nerd
    - AMA: Pokemon, commuting around MM, One Piece
    - Other PEx forums you go to: Food, Tech Today, LaFI, Blind Items thread, NBA, ST, TSS, Anime & Manga, Bike/Cycling, IMTV, Pinoy Accountancy, Pokemon
  • gbrewgbrew Member PExer
    10. gbrew

    - Maverick. Adventurer. Normal.
    - Pakistan, Syria and Brazil.
    - Peshawar/Islamabad, Doha, Stockholm, Sao Paulo.
    - Books and Literature. UAAP.
  • ExroExro Syb Breezebat PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    11. Exro
    • A Frustrated traveler
    • South Korea, Japan, France
    • Ask me anything about Ilocos. *okay*
    • Showbiz - General, IMTV, Books & Literature
  • -gelay--gelay- simple kinda life PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    not a frequent visitor of this forum but i love to travel, so i guess i belong here anyway. *kafal* :lol:

    12. -gelay-

    - three words: fun-loving, music, Christian
    - italy, switzerland, czech republic; USA; philippines (of course!)
    - Ask me anything about: none, i have a good sense of direction but i'm not very good in giving directions :lol:
    - music n' radio, style & fashion, IMTV, ST, books and literature
  • rdvdrdvd PEx Rookie ⭐
    13. rdvd
    • travel and landscape photographer wannabee. vacation leave enthusiast. frustrated blogger.
    • My favorite countries are: Japan, USA, South Korea
    • Ask me about: Japan
    • Personal Investing and Money Management, TWF
  • silverwhizsilverwhiz Member 10th PEx Oscar Pool Winner
    14. silverwhiz
    • native delicacies aficionado, occasional photographer/writer, enthusiastic wayfarer
    • My favorite countries are: New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden
    • Ask me about: Region I, QC area
    • University of the Philippines, IMTV, Personals, Food & Drinks, The Singles Scene, Small Talk, Electronic Gaming...I virtually lurk everywhere! :lol:
  • emelye20emelye20 valkyrie PExer
    15. emelye20
    - delinquent blogger. foodie. adrenaline junkie.
    - My favorite countries are: Japan, HK, Philippines!
    - Ask me about: yung mga napuntahan ko na, para makasagot ako
    - Electronic Gaming, Anime & Manga, Movies, Personals, Books & Literature
  • jmfreak1028jmfreak1028 The Dark Knight PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    16. jmfreak1028
    • Blogger. Backpacker. Explorer.
    • Japan, Korea, Indonesia
    • Other PEx forums I go to... Food & Drinks, International Movies and TVs, Books and Literature
  • MBdemigodMBdemigod Wanderboy PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    17. MBdemigod
    -Newbie blogger. Amateur writer. Future explorer
    -Ireland. Philippines. Japan
    -Movies. Small Talk. Books and Literature
  • 22mai22mai Member Australian Open 2020 Participant 🎾
    18. 22mai
    One-eyed Photographer. Thoughts Distiller. Salaryman.
    Fave Countries : Japan. Thailand. Norway.
    Ask me about : Japan
    Other PEx forums I go to : Sports Zone (Tennis). IMTV. Hobbies and Recreation.
  • kenilworth12kenilworth12 Go Crimson! Go Maroons! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    19. kenilworth12
    preservationist of memories, appreciator of old and things of heritage, cautious of what I say these days (though confusing somewhat)
    favorite countries: USA, Philippines, Australia
    ask me about: USA and Metro Manila
    other PEx forums: UAAP, NCAA, Sports Zone. other subforums as well pero mas bihira kaysa sa tatlo.
  • kysh27kysh27 Moderator PEx Moderator
    20. kysh27
    • Frustrated Photographer, Foodie! and Active Lurker :glee:
    • My favorite countries are... Japan, Singapore, Philippines! :hiya:
    • Ask me about... Bulacan? :hiya:
    • Other PEx forums you go to aside from T&L - Personals, IMTV, UAAP - Volleyball, Music and Radio, The Working Filipino, KPex

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