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How much did you pay for the personal trainer in Gold's Gym / FF?

i paid 8k for 10 sessions in GG. Nagsisi ako, parang nag tapon lang ako ng pera. 800 a day T.T

Ang purpose ko lang sa question na to ay gusto ko lang malaman kung normal price lang ng GG yun or na overpriced lang ako. Magkano sa FF?

Thanks sa mag rereply.


  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    Yung halaga ay depende din kung nabibigay naman ng trainer yung results sa iyo... my humble 2 cents
  • 27,750php at FF for 30 sessions. As far as myself goes when it comes to giving PT services, the results depends on what comes out on my initial assessment to you and the degree of compliance that you will give me.

    (If you're interested to try out personal training at fitness first, just pick other trainers besides me as I'm leavinggggg on a jetplane....do so at your own risk)
  • so what made you leave FF? :naughty:
  • kukuxumusukukuxumusu PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I paid around 16 thou plus(close to 17k) for 18 sessions. FF yung akin. Actually depende sa trainer yung presyo. Naka categorized kasi sila syempre yung less experience mas mura. At sa certifications nila.
  • rapidpunchrapidpunch PEx Rookie ⭐
    question is, are you willing to pay that amount just for your transformation? at 20k you can already have an above average android phone :) just a sample, here on the gym where i train, the trainers charge 6k monthly.. for sure they will offer something at the midst of your training :D (para daw mabilis. . .)
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    Just my 2 cents... interview anyone you wanna work with and if you can get reviews from their current and past clientele, do so..

    The certifications just mean they took time to learn something but its all about proper application
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