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Working (not working out) at Anytime Fitness

Kakaopen lang neto last year. Kaunti palang mga branches neto at mga PT. According to forbes fastest growing gym daw ito as of 2014.

Do you think it would be a great idea to work for here? Wala pa sila masyadong manpower.


  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    Question: why do you want to leave FF?
  • ^ as much as i wanted to expect an answer first to my question before answering yours..sge eto na:

    there's a huge flaw in the management procedure in this particular branch that i work with which i don't really agree with. it's like the only way for me to go with this company is to go down, no room for growth. On top of that I'm not even enjoying the privilege of working out there for free because I'm doing my training outside of fitness first. The reason behind that is because fitness first doesnt have the necessary equipments to accommodate me to do my powerlifting training (power rack).

    Besides having a good professional career, one of my goal right now is to break the national record at my weight class or at least be part of the national powerlifting team. I do not really think i can achieve that in FF. Performance-wise, im not having any problem here since i am able to hit my monthly quotas despite the huge disorganization.

    I'd like to add up more but i guess i don't need to. I'll just sum it up:

    I'm just disgusted on how the system works. Don't like the environment either.
  • I've been only there for a few months but who cares. I initially planned to stay longer but I just cannot. The cons that I get from working here is way way more than the pros.

    Sayang, may client pa naman na ako that can squat up to 5 plates with proper depth and he's only 18 yrs old heheheh.. ... It may be a waste for me to leave but i have to for my own good.

    That client of mine will transfer to eclipse soon :D
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    What makes you think anytime fitness will be better? ;) They cater to the same crowd.

    Most trainers who have developed a decent market and following often just freelance in other gyms
  • ^they're more accessible from my location and they do have power racks :)

    Or maybe better pt commission %

    and i think it's a good idea to join them while kaunti palang sila. i hope that even make sense :lol: nag pnta ako sa isang branch nila 1 plang daw PT . sa ibang countries nagkalat na ata tong gym na to.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    If its access then that's a plus... I doubt they'll have a better commission..

    if you really want to enjoy working as a PT you also have to ask yourself how can you expand outside your current comfort zone..

    Just because bago palang doesn't mean ok na sila...

    ask yourself this: if there is a potential to get "regularized" in FF, would it help boost your career?

    Based on what you are saying, if you truly want out of FF, maybe 360 might be a better option... Having a power rack doesn't necessarily make a gym better
  • ^it is better when you take my other goal into consideration..ska 24/7 sila eh meaning it would be hard for me to skip workouts which definitely is a plus...and why 360??

    and thing is, during my 9 month stay there and being able to get regularized i realized that personal training is not something that i could do for long...it's fine with me to be a PT for now but i eventually want to move up and take more challenging roles like handling or leading people.

    I just don't think that i could find the growth that i need in ff.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    I found 360 trainers that I got to interact with thru social media had slightly more competence than your average big 3 gym trainer

    If you really want to move up and out, build a solid resume that your future employer will want to get you instantly or even consider pirating you
  • Interesting. I believe my 0.02 was given a few months back :D

    Anyhow, what is your actual priority? As with any profession, it takes time to move up the career ladder. It's only been.. 9 months? While I hate to say so, Fitness First actually provides a solid path assuming that you're a consistently top performer. Example of which is, one of my trainers (she was a 1:1 back then) is now a Club General Manager. Another example is my former superior (no longer in FF if I'm not mistaken) who started out as a SPA therapist, then moved on to become an FI - FM - Area FM - Club General Manager. Remember that working in the fitness industry (especially in a chain) involves a lot of work hours, more so when you're behind in sales and/or conduction lol.

    That being said, you may actually consider what Blakedaddy said since he's already a veteran in the industry. Heck, you may even pursue something that's related to your degree (and keep fitness as a hobby) if you don't see yourself gutting it out in the long run.

    Coincidentally, if you're near Greenhills, try asking if you can relocate there. The Senior FM in that branch is a cool guy, and might be able to provide guidance. Hope my inputs helped. Peace.
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