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Colors of UST

pampi1010pampi1010 Orthos Paidion PEx Expert 🎖️
These are the college colors of the University

Sacred Theology White
Philosophy Blue
Canon Law Green
Civil Law Red
Medicine & Surgery Yellow
Pharmacy Purple
Arts and Letters Navy blue
Engineering Gray
Education Orange
Science Azure
Architecture Maroon
Commerce Gold
Graduate School Gold, white, and blue
Music Pink
Nursing Green and yellow
Rehabilitation Sciences Yellow and light blue
Fine Arts and Design Maroon and green
Physical Education & Athletics Gold, black, and white
Accountancy Red and beige
Tourism & Hospitality Management Blue and green
Information and Computing Sciences Red, gray, and cream

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Here are the articles that I have made:

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In this case, I would like to know the individual colors of the courses in UST. Other than the college color of Pharmacy, courses have different colors also. I am not sure if it is applicable to other colleges.
Pharmacy: Pharmacy - Puple
Pharmacy: Medical Technology - Gold
Pharmacy: Biochemistry - Green
I also know that Science has individual colors for its colleges.
Science: Biology - Red and Black.

Thank you very much!
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